Senior Bowl Practice Week Stock Up, Stock Down: Offense

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It’s been a fun week in Mobile so far. With the game right around the corner and practice concluded, we wrap up the week of practices with some stock up, stock down.


Stock Up


QB Drew Lock, Missouri

Lock was not amazing like any of the quarterbacks that have come to Mobile and have turned heads in the past. He was not Carson Wentz and he was not Baker Mayfield but Drew Lock proved he is the best QB here in Mobile. I had Lock as my fourth QB coming into this week and I feel like he made me impressed enough to reopen my evaluation and go back and watch the film. Lock’s arm is clearly one of the best here, pocket presence is obvious, he absolutely killed it in the interviews whether it was the one I sat in on at Media day or if it was even just the one on NFL Network. Lock is going to have teams drooling over him as a person and that arm could lead to a reach in the draft. Lock did nothing but add to his stock and set himself apart from the rest of the field.


Stock Down


QB Daniel Jones, Duke

Daniel Jones had one of the worst weeks for a QB. He wasn’t as bad as Ryan Finley in my opinion but he was bad. He struggled to go through reads and make timing throws in 11 on 11 drills, he didn’t trust his arm multiple times, he looked uncomfortable in the pocket and he just flat out through a dying ball to his receivers. The lack of accuracy was noticeable and even off the field, his interviews at Media day were polar opposite of Drew Lock. He was asked some questions that made him freeze. Jones appears to be a QB that was overwhelmed by the unfair amount of spotlight that was put on him and will likely be drafted much too early based on it.


Stock Up


RB Ryquell Armstead, Temple

This is a running back that I ranked as the top one heading into Mobile. Armstead looked comfortable doing everything. He struggled at times in the pass protection drill but overall there was a lot to like from Armstead. His burst and vision are apparent and the lack of wasted movement leads many to believe he is going to be a successful NFL running back.  It was a good practice week and I expect Armstead to continue that into the game on Saturday.


Stock Up


WR Terry McLaurin, Ohio State

Parris Campbell was the guy everyone knew from Ohio State but Terry McLaurin is the best WR from Ohio State and he proved it in Mobile this week. McLaurin is so smooth in his route running and has a fantastic set of hands. His long speed allowed him to win over the top but he was a physical guy that could operate through traffic and a player that was extremely confident in his ability. McLaurin was the best wideout at the Senior Bowl this week and absolutely blew me away. If you were looking for this year’s DaeSean Hamilton, McLaurin is it.


WR Penny Hart, Georgia State

Electric returner but even more so the part as a wideout. Penny Hart hails from the same school as Albert Wilson and Robert Davis and he really looked the part this week. Hart had little trouble against the best of the best in practice. Hart displayed the ability to stop and go and accelerate at another level. His body control was absolutely phenomenal, it was all compact, no wasted motion and he looked like the best receiver no named McLaurin or Deebo Samuel.


WR Deebo Samuel, South Carolina

It was me all week trying to avoid calling Samuel – Pharoh Cooper but I managed to accomplish that feat. He’s simply better, in every single way. Cooper was a gadget guy while Deebo has a chance to start at WR in the NFL. Samuel went up against Rock Ya-Sin who many including myself believe could be the best CB at the Senior Bowl. He got the better of Ya-Sin more often than not. His fluidity as a route runner is evident. He’s going to be going to a team that will want to start him day one.


WR Keelan Doss, UC Davis

Here’s another fluid route runner that blew me away. Keelan Doss, who was one of the best in his respective conference, turned heads at the Senior Bowl. Doss is just fluid in his breaks and had an easy time adjusting to a various amount of poor throws. His hands are good and Doss found himself winning over the top. Doss has good size at the position and he displayed that as well this time around. Doss has easily pushed himself into the conversation to go in as high as the second round of the NFL draft.


Stock Down


WR Jaylen Smith, Louisville

Smith just seemed like one of the only receivers I watched in Mobile that couldn’t gain any bit of separation, had average speed, dropped some balls early on and didn’t really separate himself from anyone (in a good way). When you let the ball into your body often, you are going to get dinged in the scouting process, Smith does that often. He’s got good size for the position but the speed isn’t really even worth it. Smith has plenty of time to change my mind but his stock was certainly down after this weeks practice.


WR Anthony Johnson, Buffalo

This may seem unfair but I was really excited to see Anthony Johnson, a player I watched a lot this season at Buffalo, come in and dominate the Senior Bowl. Johnson had some flashes but one thing I noticed was hands positioning led to multiple dropped passes he should have had. You can take that lightly in one week’s practice but with his QB Tyree Jackson throwing him the football, it’s a little worrisome he had a hard time consistently catching the football. 


Stock Up


TE Dax Raymond, Utah State

The biggest winner of the tight ends is Dax Raymond. Raymond showed a consistent ability to create separation, catch the ball in stride, run after the catch and block. Raymond really impressed me in Mobile because while all of the tight ends had something to show off, it was the continuous dominance of Raymond that was displayed. Many can also appreciate just like the receivers, a player that played well despite how inaccurate most of the QB’s were in getting him the ball.


TE Drew Sample, Washington 

The next guy after Raymond is none other than Drew Sample who also does a nice job as a blocker and a pass catcher. This is a player that I believe is a smooth receiver and a great run blocker, he will likely have a role early in his career as a second or third TE and end up playing more than people expect. He’s not a flashy player, but he gets the job done and this week he was one of the security blankets some of the QB’s leaned on over the middle or over to the flat.


TE Donald Parham, Stetson

It is such a bummer that Donald Parham went down with an ankle injury in day two of the practices because at 6-8 he became the most intriguing tight end here. When you watch him move, it’s just flawless and impressive. Parham could be a day three but had he not gotten hurt and had been able to continue to prove to scouts what he can do, the kid could have shot up into day two. Parham has a long frame, he’s a fast player that could be a disaster for defenses to cover in the passing game. 


Stock Down


TE Tommy Sweeney, Boston College

Sweeney looked good as a pass catcher and had no problem getting open but I was extremely disappointed with how poor he was as a blocker in the one on one drills and 11 on 11. Sweeney has to improve that part of his game otherwise his long-term usage and potential will be severely limited.


Stock Up


OL Dalton Risner, Kansas State

My candidate for “face” of the offensive line at the Senior Bowl, Dalton Risner was an absolute animal this week. Risner is most known for having a nasty demeanor and a strong first punch but wow did he do more than just that. Risner got his unit absolutely fired up, he has a nonstop motor and will literally get throw his opposition to the ground unceremoniously. Risner was a player that interviewed very well and many people in Mobile became a fan of his relatively quick. Is Risner the best offensive lineman in this class? Maybe. His versatility to play inside or outside is huge but as he said in an interview earlier in the week, he would prefer to continue playing right tackle. He’s operated extremely well at the right tackle spot this week.


OT Chuma Edoga, USC

A very impressive week for Chuma Edoga who has shown off his quick and light feet, not to mention his ability to finish in pass pro and the run game. I think Edoga is a no-brainer at LT, and I do believe he will be able to start as earlier as year two. All of the tools are there, he still seems to need to work on some things and refine his overall game but you could be looking at a long-term starting left tackle at the next level. Huge week for Edoga.


OT Oli Udoh, Elon 

Another impressive week goes to Oli Udoh, who really proved himself worthy of the call up. Udoh exploded onto the scene at the Shrine Game and really showed he belonged in Mobile as well. Udoh is very athletic and he’s a nimble player that can hold his own against any kind of edge rusher. I was very impressed and I’m excited to see how he carries this momentum heading into the game on Saturday.


OT Andre Dillard, Washington State

This guy was the best at the position this week and solidified himself as a first-round pick. Dillard had no issue against the best of the best because he’s also the best of the best here in Mobile. Light feet, great hands and rarely loses a single rep. He went up against the best pass rusher in the Senior Bowl in Montez Sweat and really didn’t lose a battle versus him. Dillard is a name that will keep rising and could be in a top 15 conversation moving forward. 


OT Tytus Howard, Alabama State

He got the works his first day letting Montez Sweat get the best of him, but throughout the week you could tell the small-school prospect was not going to let that day eat him up. You saw day three Montez beat him again, right after that the coach went up to him coached him up and then the next rep he applied what the coach told him and leveled Sweat. Howard showed coachability, power and the fact that he truly belongs against the top competition in Mobile. 


Stock Down


OT Max Scharping, Northern Illinois

There was some stuff to like from Scharping this week but I did notice how overzealous and how panicked he looked against pass rushers. It was a little worrisome in the fact that Scharping would shoot himself in the foot by overcompensating when he didn’t need to overcompensate. The lack of balance due to these over the top reactions was clearly seen. He had some flashes but this was one of the things I picked up on throughout the week.


Stock Up


G Ben Powers and Dru Samia, Oklahoma

These two brutalized the competition this week at the Senior Bowl. Ben Powers was a literal wall as was Dru Samia. The two Oklahoma guys showed strong hands and quick feet, it was apparent as of day one they were going to have a week and they did. They both play with a bit of a mean streak and can both add a ton to the interior offensive line of any team in the NFL. Watch out for these two. When either one of the Oklahoma guys get their hands on you as a pass rusher you are done and that’s a scary thing when talking about these two.


G Nate Davis, Charlotte 

Another small-school guy that looked the part and proved he belonged. He only had a couple instances where he lost to Collier and Saunders but aside from that, he’s someone that moved well, had no trouble setting a nice anchor and really didn’t let himself get pushed around. He’s a stout player and he’s going to be a lot of fun to go back and watch the film on after this week of the Senior Bowl. 


G Chris Lindstrom, Boston College

I would say Lindstrom at times looks like a can’t miss offensive line prospect. He has great technique, he’s long with 34-plus inch arms and has a mean streak. He’s vocal, you could hear him loud and clear that he was trying to start a spark for his unit and other players seemingly fed off of him. Just all-around very consistent, well-coached player that has Pro Bowl potential at the next level. Probably shot himself into the first-round for me.


Stock Down


G Michael Deiter, Wisconsin

Deiter seemingly got beat more times than he won this week in my eyes. When he didn’t have the win he was quick to hold his defender, when he lost it was pretty obvious. A player that has a chance to be good at the next level was just outplayed most of the week. He did flash a run blocker but in pass protection it was a struggle.


Stock Up


Every Center in Mobile

It’s apparent this class is going to have some good centers but at the Senior Bowl this week, every single one of them have showed out. Elgton Jenkins of Mississippi State would get the nod as the best of the bunch, but you saw a lot out of Texas A&M’s Erik McCoy, Alabama’s Ross Pierschbacher and of course NC State’s Garrett Bradbury. Stock up for all of them, this was a great group all week.


Overall, this is a fun group of offensive players, not a ton of stock that went down this week and not a ton of stock that didn’t go up. Pretty much everyone had their moments, it became hard to evaluate the wide receivers just based on how inaccurate the QB’s were.


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