DTR Sportsbook Insider: Divisional Round!

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The playoffs are off to a great start and the Rams chance for their first playoff win under McVay! 




Disclaimer: Please advise that DTR would never endorse illegal gambling. All odds are taking from DraftKings’ New Jersey Sportsbook. Sports gambling became legal in New Jersey in the summer of 2018 and is legal in some other parts of nation and around the world. If you have a question about the status of gambling where you live please reach out to local officials. If you have a gambling problem please reach out to the experts at 1-800-Gambler.  

This is a week to be careful, I’ll be favoring the points in most bets as these are all are going to be tight matchups!  Look to tease this week a lot to get more favorable odds in a weekend of close games. 

Here are your picks of the week!  


Saturday Game 1: Under (56.5) Colts at Chiefs  (-110). The Colts lead off the weekend once again against another young QB.  Patrick MaHomes enters his first ever post-season game on the NFL level. The first one is never prefect, as we saw from the Watson last week against these same Colts. 56.5 points is the highest line of the weekend and this game is going to be much slower than expected. The highest scoring game of last week equaled only 46 points. MaHomes may play better than Watson, but this game is not going to be the shootout than some expect. Teasing this game over 60 is also very favorable. 




Sunday Game 2: Over  (+0.5) Interceptions: Dak Prescott (Cowboys) at Rams (-125). To be fair to Dak, he hasn’t thrown a lot of interceptions this year (8). But he also hasn’t faced Aaron Donald’s pass rush. The Rams are fresh and ready to go. Talk on national media is that the Cowboys​ are going to beat the Rams but that is only going to motivate the Rams and add pressure to Dak. One mistake may be all the Rams need to win this game. I’ll put my money down on the fact that Dak throws a pick. Don’t be surprised if the INT is made by a pass rusher in the backfield benefitting off a hit on Dak. 



Sunday Game 1: Chargers (+4) at Patriots (-121).  We finally get the match-up we’ve all been waiting for. Brady v. Rivers. Both QBs are great but are on opposite tracks at this late stage of their careers. Brady has already proven his abilities at a late age, while Rivers has yet to make it the big game. This makes the Chargers once again the only team that has to play an early game (1:00 PM EST). This game is going to be close and I like the idea of teasing this line to double digits.  A game winning field goal is a legitimate possibility to end this game so I’ll take the points in this important playoff game. 





Sunday Game 2: Eagles (+8) at Saints (+105). Taking the points in a game that will be much closer than when these teams played a few weeks ago. This line has already come down from 9, but you can still tease this a two score game. With Foles running the show Pederson will have to control the clock, and similarly to last week the clock will run quickly. The Birds defense has already played Brees once and should be more prepared this time around. While the Saints may win this game the Birds will be able to keep it relativity close. 





Rams Futures Bet Tracker:
 – Rams to win Super Bowl: (+450) are third behind  Kansas City (+450)  and still behind New Orleans (+250) 

Remember, Gamble Responsibly, Have Fun, Take Risks, and Read DTR 


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