DTR Sportsbook Insider: Wild Card Weekend!

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Welcome to Wild Card weekend!  It’s a great weekend of football but not a great week for betting, even coming off of DTR’s big wins last weekend. 






Disclaimer: Please advise that DTR would never endorse illegal gambling. All odds are taking from DraftKings’ New Jersey Sportsbook. Sports gambling became legal in New Jersey in the summer of 2018 and is legal in some other parts of nation and around the world. If you have a question about the status of gambling where you live please reach out to local officials. If you have a gambling problem please reach out to the experts at 800-Gambler.  

This is a week to be careful, I’ll be favoring the points in most bets as these are all are going to be tight matchups!  Look to tease this week a lot to get more favorable odds in a weekend of close games. 

Here are your picks of the week!  


Saturday Game 1: Over (48) Colts at Texans  (-110). The first play off game of the season may be the highest scoring game of the week. Both QBs are playing well and love the pressure.  The close spread (+/- 1) calls for a very close game in what I see being a shootout.  Both teams are trying to prove to the League that they are a team to be reckon with.  If the Colts win they will go into Kansas City. If Houston wins they will go to New England with a win. 



Sunday Game 2: Seahawks (+2.5) at Cowboys (-109). Russel Wilson and his Seahawks will head south to play America’s Team in what will likely be a low scoring, grind it out game that may replicate the infamous Tony Romo botched snap game. I like the points here in a game that I think could come down to the end. Zeke is a league leader in rushing yards while the Seahawks have one of the best rushing game in the league. This game will come down to the defenses’ ability to shut down the run and the quarterback’s ability to make a big play which could put their team into the second round. In Wilson’s last 5 playoff appearances he has one at least one game, and I think he will keep it close enough to cover even if he doesn’t win today. If the Cowboys win they will play the Rams with an Eagles win over the Bears. They will play New Orleans if the Bears win. If the Seahawks win they will go to New Orleans with a Bears win. If the Eagles can pull the upset the Seahawks would go down south to play the Rams. 


Sunday Game 1: Chargers (+3) at Ravens (-121).  This is a rematch of a game from just a few weeks ago when Lamar Jackson and the Ravens beat the Chargers. I see this game going differently. The Chargers have already played against Jackson and have been able to study him to a degree which they weren’t able to previously. The Chargers have a real chance to make a run here as they are a good team playing their best at the most important moment. The Ravens have the coaching advantage and the home field advantage but I still like the Chargers getting the points. Teasing this line up, as previously stated, is a smart move as well. 




Sunday Game 2: Jordan Howard to Score Eagles at Bears (+105). This game is a game I’m not looking forward to bet. I like the concept of taking the points in all the games this weekend, however I wanted to give a prop bet this weekend and figured this was a good spot to do so. This is going to be a slow, grind it out game, which may be decided with a goal-line stand by either side. Howard has scored in three of the last Bears games and I see him fighting for one in a short yardage red zone play. He may the difference maker in this game. If the Bears can control the clock, run the ball, and score at the goal line they will win this game. 





Rams Futures Bet Tracker:
 – Rams to win Super Bowl: (+500) are third behind  Kansas City (+450)  and still behind New Orleans (+250) 

Remember, Gamble Responsibly, Have Fun, Take Risks, and Read DTR 


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