DTR Sportsbook Insider: October 24th 2018

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Welcome to the First Edition of the the Downtown Rams Sportsbook Insider!


2018 is a great year for football! The Rams are 7-0, Gurley is looking like the MVP, and sports gambling is legal in some parts of this great nation. 


In each edition of the DTR Sportsbook Insider we will be laying out bets for the upcoming weekend. Please advise that DTR would never endorse illegal gambling. All odds are taking from DraftKings’ New Jersey Sportsbook. Sports gambling became legal in New Jersey in the summer of 2018 and is legal in some other parts of nation and around the world. If you have a question about the status of gambling where you live please reach out to local officials. If you have a gambling problem please reach out to the experts at 800-Gambler.  

Here is a quick review on how odds work! 

This is best described with a few examples: 

Let’s say you are taking a bet that has a “negative line” and pays out (-110) – that means for every $110 dollars you wager you win an additional $100 (plus your original wager).   So if you place $10 on one of the under/over bets this week (which most of them at (-110)) you would win $9.10 plus your original $10.00 ($19.10) 

Calculating “positive lines” is much easier. For every $100 you bet you win that much back. For example. If you are place a $100 bet that has (+280) odds and win you would win $280 plus your original $100 back ($380) 

Remember: When you bet legally you must pay your wager upfront which is why you get it back.  Illegal bookies often extend lines of credit where you only pay if you lose which may confuse some people moving over to legal gambling. 

I’ve also included a list of common terms used:

Money Line: pick the winner without factoring in anything else 
Spread: pick the winner factoring in a moving line (the line moves based on the “spread”) – for example: If you pick the Rams against an opponent and the line is (-2.5) the Rams must win by 3 points in order to “cover the spread” and win the bet

Under/Over: pick if a score will exceed a set score  

Parlay: putting multiple bets into a single bet (2 or more) – must win all bets in the parlay to collect on the parlay  – odds of payout increase 

Teaser: when you “buy points” in a parlay – all lines move by the amount you “buy” (commonly 6, 6.5 or 7 points) – odds of payout increase but not as much as a regular parlay 


Here are your picks of the week! 

Rams pick of the WeekUnder (56.5)* Rams v. Packers (-110). The (56.5) line is the highest line on the board and the Packers have been lack luster.  In both the pervious two weeks the Rams held their opponents to a low enough score to stay in the under. This week should be the same as the Packers have struggled and the Rams defense has looked the best it has all year.  *Smart money says to tease this line and bring to it up to 62-63.5 points. 


NFC Pick of the Week: Saints (pick’em) at Vikings (-110). As of now the Saints/Vikings game is a pick ’em. The Saints have been playing very and should be able to beat the Vikings. Normally you don’t get this kind of odds when it comes to the Saints without having to give points. The pick’em line also means Vegas is expecting it to be a close game. Teasing the game in a bigger bet and taking the Saints with points is smart move. This line is probably going to move soon so watch this line. 

AFC Pick of the Week: Patriots (-13.5) at Bills (-110). Derek Anderson is starting for the Buffalo Bills. There is not going to be that many more opportunities left after this week to bet on Derek Anderson (if any). You do not want to be the guy who remembers the year you did not take Tom Brady over Derek Anderson. Especially when that year is 2018 and 2008. Tease this line if you really do not believe in New England and want to be careful. You can bring this line all the way down to (-6.5) which is less than a touchdown. 



Non-NFL Pick of the Week: Over (8.5) Dodgers at Red Sox (-115) – GAME 2. The Red Sox have been scoring a ton of runs all post-season and tonight should not be different. Last night there was a total of 12 runs.  Both of these teams are likely to have at least one inning of multiple runs, which they have both done consistently throughout the playoffs.  Watch this line to move up during the live game betting opportunities that exist. 




Rams Futures Bet Tracker:
 – Todd Gurley for MVP (+600 – 3rd highest) 

 – Jared Goff for MVP (+1000 – 3rd highest for any QB)
 – Aaron Donald for Defensive Player of the Year (+400 – 2nd highest)
 – Todd Gurley for Most Regular Season Rushing Yards (+120) 
 – Rams to win Superbowl (+300) 

Remember, Gamble Responsibly, Have Fun, Take Risks, and Read DTR 


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