2018 NFC West Obsevations: Week 2

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Entering week two, the Rams are still undefeated (2-0), and still hold first place in the NFC West. Their 54 point differential suggests that they are great on both sides of the ball, but, like last week, this is still just week two and these are still early observations.


49ers are still trying to put it all together


The San Francisco 49ers looked improved some over week one, albeit over a seemingly bad Detroit Lions team. The offensive line is struggling. With several of their guards injured, it showed in the resulting six sacks. 49ers quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, tried to gift the Lions the game with a late interception but it was overturned due to a holding call. 49ers defense struggled late. The pass rush could not get pressure against a bad Lions offensive line, and the secondary was awful both in coverage and in tackling. The 49ers are missing a few important pieces and a near loss to the Lions is not impressive, but it is a win. They are not the worst in the division but they still need to put it all together.


Cardinals are still struggling on both sides of the ball


The Los Angeles Rams are a good team, with that considered, the Arizona Cardinals are not. The NFC will prove to be tough on the Cardinals. Sam Bradford was 17 for 27 with 90 yards, and like last week, zero touchdowns. To make matters worse, he threw one interception. Defensively they were not much better. Even with two sacks and one interception, the offense was unable to capitalize. Cardinals second string quarterback, and rookie, Josh Rosen, may seem time sooner than not and is a relative unknown but even still, this team starting 0-2 may see them in the divisional basement for the rest of the season.


Seahawks running out of Wilson magic


The Seattle Seahawks offensive line is really hard to watch. Wilson was hit to tune of another six sacks for the second week in a row. When it looked like Wilson might be working up a fourth quarter miracle, he threw a pick six. Wilson was constantly scrambling for his life. As was obvious last week, this offense can’t be competitive with the offensive line being as bad as they have been and Wilson may not last the season getting beat up the was he has.





The Rams played a division rival Arizona Cardinals and shut them out. The Cardinals are not a good team and this is the result the Rams should have expected. With a near loss to the Detroit Lions, the 49ers will need continue to get better to hold on to the number two spot, the offensive line and secondary are weaknesses. The Seahawks struggle to compete with a terrible offense and find themselves without a win and in the basement with the Cardinals. The future continues to be bright for the Rams as they head into week three.

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