DTR Staff 2018 Rams Record Predictions

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The DownTown Rams staff has gotten together to make their 2018 season predictions for the Los Angeles Rams. 


The Schedule:

WK1: Rams @ Raiders

WK2: Cardinals @ Rams

WK3: Chargers @ Rams

WK4: Vikings @ Rams

WK5: Rams @ Seahawks

WK6: Rams @ Broncos

WK7: Rams @ 49ers

WK8: Packers @ Rams

WK9: Rams @ Saints

WK10: Seahawks @ Rams

WK11: Chiefs @ Rams (Mexico)


WK13: Rams @ Lions

WK14: Rams @ Bears

WK15: Eagles @ Rams

WK16: Rams @ Cardinals

WK17: 49ers @ Rams


Joshua Hill: 

Opening up the season, Sean McVay teaches his mentor how things are done in todays NFL and gets the Rams on the right track from the get-go. The Next 3 games are at home and I have them putting a hurting on the Cardinals and squeaking out a win vs the Chargers. The Vikings will be the first true SuperBowl caliber team they face and will catch the Rams off guard and hand them their first loss. The Rams snap back to reality and win the next 3 games verse the Seahawks, Broncos, and 49ers. 49ers fans everywhere are in a panic. The next two games are brutal with the Packers coming to town and then going to face the Saints. I have the Rams losing both of those games only to come back and win the next two vs the Seahawks and the Chiefs. After the Bye, the Rams win 4 of their last 5. They beat the Lions, Bears, and Cardinals making it look easy. When the Eagles come to town, the Rams want to prove they belong and battle a back and forth game in which they end up coming out victorious. The Rams are 12-3 at this point and have clinched the bye week so they rest their starters and give Jimmy G. a sympathy win. 

Final Prediction: 12-4


Craig Pollack:

I suspect that the Rams will have the #1 ranked offense for the second year in a row and I feel as though the defense can step up and hold the #1 ranked defensive unit as well. I see the first loss of the season coming against Green Bay in week 8 and quickly followed by Saints on the road in Week 9. The Rams will get back on track after that mid season slump and will go the almost rest of the season undefeated. I feel as though they will drop a game in there somewhere in the back end of the season as the NFL is known for it’s upsets.
Go Rams!
Final Prediction: 13-3


Austin Scott:

The 2018 season is finally here and I feel confident about this year’s squad. While 16-0 is always the hope and would definitely be ideal, it’s highly unlikely in today’s NFL for any team. I see a team that is more in the 11-5 to 14-2 range, good enough for a 1 or 2 seed in the NFC playoffs. I see the Rams starting out scorching hot, winning 5 of their first 6 games, dropping one against either the Chargers or Vikings in a couple of very close games. Next up is the toughest stretch of the schedule, playing in San Fransisco followed by Green Bay and New Orleans at the Coliseum. Dropping 2 out of the 3 is not out of the question, but I only predict 1 loss out of the bunch coming against the Saints, who get revenge for last seasons Week 12 barnburner. The Rams then bounce back and put a beat down on the Seahawks and win a shootout in Mexico City against the Chiefs before going into their Week 12 bye at 9-2. The back end of this schedule definitely looks easier than it actually is, and can not be overlooked. After beating the Lions handily in Detroit, the Rams make a road trip to the Windy City and lose a defensive struggle against the upstart Bears. Next up is the long anticipated rematch with the reigning Super Bowl Champion Eagles, which ends much differently than last years matchup…with the Eagles losing in heartbreaking fashion. To wrap up the season, the Rams shellack the rebuilding Cardinals clinching a First Round Playoff Bye and rest their starters in Week 17 again to set up for a deep postseason run, dropping a meaningless game against the fighting Jimmy Garoppolo’s.

Final Prediction: 12-4


James Lamar:

It’s about time. I would love to predict a ridiculous record and a number one playoff seed, but the Rams have the schedule of a division winner in the incredibly deep NFC. The Rams will be fast offensively to start the season, with only a few hiccups on defense to mar their start while that group jells, but they’re going to hit a rough patch starting in week 4, dropping games to the Vikings, Seahawks, Packers, and Saints. That rough patch will not be because the defense didn’t live up to the hype, but because the offensive line suffers a few injuries, forcing rookies to step up. While we’ll all be panicking about a 5-4 record, the team gets a few guys back from injury. The Rams then run a hot streak right through the rest of their schedule and destroy the hapless 49ers in week 17 to secure a first round bye. The Rams enter the postseason as the hottest team in football.

Final Prediction: 12-4


Matt M. Herrera:

The season is just days away and the Rams look to be one of the most exciting teams after having such a successful offseason. They face new challenges this year playing in four primetime games (two Monday night & two Sunday Night, not including one Thursday night). These primetime games will be a relatively new experience for Sean McVay and the coaching staff as they start the season off Monday night at Oakland. Jared Goff and Todd Gurley might be a bit rusty, after not getting reps during any of the preseason games, but they will eventually get in a rhythm. If they can manage to lose one game or less through the first four to five games, the Rams will have no problem getting back to the playoffs this year. The Rams face a rough stretch of opponents from week five to week 10; they face the Seahawks twice, go to Denver, San Francisco and New Orleans, as well as play Green Bay at home. They will have to be playing their best ball to go at least 3-2 for that span of games. The bye week for week 12 is very beneficial for the team as they travel to Detroit then Chicago in week 13 & 14 respectively. This gives the team just short of two weeks to prepare for the travel and when they face the Lions the first week of December. After being away for two weeks they face the daunting challenge of playing the reigning Super Bowl champs, the Philadelphia Eagles, back at the Coliseum, in what hopes to be an epic rematch of last years game, on Sunday Night Football. The Rams should finish the season strong with wins at Phoenix and at home against the 49ers, unless McVay wants to rest starters if they are projected to be in the playoffs for the second year in a row. I feel this is quite a tough schedule for the Rams in comparison to last year. They are playing a first place schedule and I find them surviving it at 11-5, winning the NFC West once again and beginning the playoffs in the Wild Card round once again. 

Final Prediction:11-5


Jonah Treviño:

Looking at the schedule, it was hard to predict which games this talented roster could not win. That does not mean that the schedule is not tough, it certainly is. Minnesota would be the first challenge, the Rams could be looking at 3-0 at that point. Assuming they lose to the Vikings, their next loss could come against New Orleans. That would put them at 7-2, Their next loss could come against a good Philadelphia team which would make them 11-3. The Rams finish the season strong against division rivals and end the season 13-3. The schedule is tough, undoubtedly, but Sean McVay, Wade Phillips and company will have the Rams firing on all cylinders. With a defensive line that will challenge quarterbacks and a secondary that can create turnovers, the offense only needs to be mediocre to win games, but if we know McVay and this offense, they will far exceed that.

Final Prediction: 13-3


Russ Crenshaw:

The Rams enter 2018 tied for fifth in schedule difficulty. Here are other facts: OPOY, DPOY, COY, and Wade Phillips. The man is paid. 10 of 11 offensive starters are returning. Barring injury of course, I see the Rams dominating Oakland in the season opener. Dominating the NFC West. Dominating the AFC West. If they lose any games this season, I would predict it would likely be to the Vikings or Packers in the first 8 games and the Saints or Eagles in the final 8 games. Call me confident or over hyped, but Donald, Brockers, Suh, Peters, Talib, Gurley… if that doesn’t get an NFL fan hyped then nothing will.

Final Prediction: 14-2


Jake Ellenbogen:

I think when you look at the schedule it’s easy to see why people are quick to say the Rams will take a step back this season. They are playing with a first-place schedule but with that being said, I don’t see it really making much of a difference. What I will say is this, had you taken last year’s team and placed them with a first-place schedule then I believe the Rams would have taken a step back. However, the Rams went out and re-shuffled. They found hidden gems on film (cough cough Cory Littleton) and so they made a decision to part with a ton of pieces on an 11-5 roster. First off, the Rams have upgraded in almost every way they could. Although their linebackers aren’t household names, they are still talented and potential pro bowl players. Watching players like Samson Ebukam take the next step in preseason this year and the upgrading of Brandin Cooks over Sammy Watkins at receiver, the Rams find themselves primed for a big-time season. 


I expect the Rams to start off the season 5-0 before abruptly losing a stunner in Denver. Before anything, the Rams are going to go into Oakland on Monday Night Football and put up a 50 burger on the Raiders. I expect the offense is going to be even more dynamic this season and the team’s defense is going to lead the league in turnovers. Jared Goff will continue to show that he is leaps and bounds ahead of where people have already unfairly assumed he would be. The team I expect will continue to truck along until meeting the Saints in a rematch of last year where they came out on top at the Coliseum and without big playmakers such as Marshon Lattimore playing for the Saints. I’ve changed my tune as of late, now, I believe the Rams will knock off Green Bay and lose to the New Orleans Saints on the road. The Rams blow out Kansas City in Mexico to head into the bye week at 9-2. After the bye the Rams likely will be seeing the best out of everyone, the team has already gelled, offense and defensive system has continued to be picked up by everyone and then it’s a matter of the Rams putting it all together. I expect the Rams to shock the NFL landscape and win out after the bye. Originally, I had the Rams going 13-3 just like the year they won the Super Bowl with the Greatest Show on Turf but it’s come down to the fact I had to throw in losses for this team. I don’t see who can beat this team with the firepower they have on offense, the defense and the coaching staff. I’ll double down on that and state that if Gerald Everett or Tyler Higbee emerges as a legit top 10 Tight end this season, the Rams will break NFL offensive records left and right. The potential for this team is what is scary for the league.


On paper they are winning 12-13 games but when you factor in the idea of them really not having any extreme needs and a lot of dynamic talents…The Rams could win 14-16 this season. It’s not common for a team to go undefeated but it’s also not going to be common for the a team to beat the Rams either. The Rams propel their way into the playoffs as the 1st seed in the NFC and the team to beat in the NFL on their quest for their second Super Bowl.

Final Prediction: 14-2


Mark Lujan:

At first glance of the schedule, this year provides a lot of quality opponents. The NFC North teams stick out for me and as usual the Eagles and the division opponents. I’m going into this season with full confidence that McVay and Wade built on an already good roster to not just compete in those games but to dominate a lot of them. I see a healthy roster losing maybe 2-3 of these games. Those games are the matchups against the Packers (who can really bet against Aaron Rodgers?) The 49ers at home week 17, in a similar scenario as last year where our starters are resting for the playoffs. Finally at the Vikings, which I figure to be a grind it out dog fight at home. Rams will not lose 2 games in a row at any point in the year. I feel like were good enough to go up against anyone but the Packers and Vikings matchups just seem like potential games we could drop in heart breaking fashion. Rams go 5-1 in the division, on their way to the best record in the NFC.

Final Prediction 13-3


Brian Joanou:

I have the Rams going 11-5 for the second consecutive year. They lose their first game in week 3 against the Chargers but come back with a strong performance against the Vikings. They go into week 8 with a 6-1 record and get handed back to back losses for the first time in the McVay era. The Rams snap back to reality and come back to win the next two games, heading into the bye week with a record of 8-3. The Rams go on the road to Detroit and get a convincing win but then get hit with a trap game against a good Bears team who hand them another loss. To finish out the season the Rams get a huge win against a Carson Wentz led Eagles team, drop a division game against Arizona and hand the 49ers their final loss of the season. 

Final Prediction: 11-5 


Skyler Burkardt:

This is a make it or break it year for the Rams with all of the talent they added on each side of the ball. Expect them to come out the gates strong and flex their muscles. They lose a close game week 4 with the Vikings and another loss in week 8 to the Packers. The rest of the schedule I don’t see much competition for the Rams as they cruise to a complete sweep of all their division rivals.

Final Prediction: 14-2










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