Rams Eyeing Long Term Success

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The Rams are in win now, mode. They are all in on this season. The Rams are putting all their chips on the table this season. It is a common narrative displayed in many headlines across sports media. The addition of more premier talent during the NFL’s free-agency period has stirred up a frenzy of now-or-never articles, but here are some reasons the Rams are set up for long term success.




Sean McVay is the NFL’s youngest head coach. He also won last year’s Coach of the Year, award. The Rams saw an incredible increase in offensive production last season. Part of that was an upgrade in the offensive line, but arguably, the largest upgrade was coach McVay’s playbook. The Rams offense was able to showcase talent with schemes that worked to the benefit of specific key players. Quarterback Jared Goff saw a substantial improvement as did running back Todd Gurley. No longer held back by a “high school offense,” these stars were able to show the production they were capable of. McVay has been every bit of the offensive mind people have said he was. The fact that he is young and will continue to improve could spell long-term success for the Rams.




Last year, the Rams were the second youngest team in the NFL with an average age of 25. While that number figures to go up with the addition of veteran talent like Aqib Talib and Ndamukong Suh, the Rams will still be at the top of that list. Rams have lots of big contracts to cover in the coming years, but they have also primed themselves to move on from big names and introduce up and coming talent. While the Rams failed to groom younger players in the past, like Goff, for example, they have shown a desire to improve in that department and that can spell long term success.


Working Formula


The Rams largest improvement last offseason came via free agency. The addition of Andrew Whitworth, Robert Woods, Sammy Watkins and John Sullivan, among others, made a huge impact on the improvement of the team. This offseason the Rams picked up Aqib Talib, Marcus Peters and Ndamukong Suh, who all factor in to the success of this team. These free agency additions should relieve some of the pressure of having to draft as well and allows the Rams to take some risks in the draft. In addition, the Rams have found talent in later rounds. Talent that has made immediate impact, like wide receiver Cooper Kupp, who was drafted in the third-round. It looks as if the Rams are employing a formula that works, and if it does, the Rams could continue to use it for years to come.


Sustained success


The verdict is still out on the sustained success of this Rams regime, but one thing is certain, the Rams success last season made them a desirable location for big time talent. Sure, Los Angeles has its allure, but it’s the coaches and team’s success that really sell it. If the Rams can continue to improve and be successful, they will continue to attract premier free-agents, and perhaps even at lower cost.




The Rams are certainly all-in, on the season. All competitive teams are all-in on the season. It does appear that Rams are looking to the future, however, and it appears that they have many of the pieces in place to be successful for a long time.

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