The Pitch for Club Seats in Inglewood

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Today, I drove down to an office in West LA to receive a sales pitch for club level seating in the new Inglewood stadium. 40,000 fans have, or will be asked to come in and enjoy this pitch for the 12,000 premium seat options available at the new stadium, which will open for the 2020 season. If you are one of those 40,000 people, then you already know who you are.


The building the Rams and Chargers are using to sell the personal seat licenses (PSL) that will help fund the new stadium’s construction, is first class. You are greeted by your personal sales consultant, and brought upstairs. There, they present you with the hype video, nothing concrete, but it’s there to get you excited to buy what they are selling.


I was then shown a massive model of the new stadium and the surrounding entertainment district. They are really looking to sell to people seeking to use this area for all their entertainment. You can look forward to high end restaurants, four-star hotels, a movie theater, commercial offices, and a lot of shopping. My eyes, of course, were drawn to the model of the massive stadium, which will sit on the north side of this district. 


Right now, the Rams aren’t selling standard seating, and there is no established timeline for that. What they are selling, is their high-end seating, which comes with a lot of bells and whistles. There are three different categories: Club, VIP, and All-Access. 


Club Level


Location: Club level seats are located in the first two tiers of the stadium, along the sidelines, but generally around the red-zone. 


Features: Lightly cushioned seats, extra leg room, an exclusive patio lounge, and a VIP entrance.


My assessment: I thought this looked amazing. I was able to sit in these seats, and while not as comfortable as the other seats, they were much better than the hard plastic seats reserved for the standard tickets. The VIP entrance is nice, but does not look like it’s necessary. The exclusive patio lounge was very appealing as it sits on the stadium’s second level, with high-end food available with televisions and bars for fans to enjoy.


Personal Seat License Price: $15,000


VIP Level


Location: VIP level seats are on the first two levels along the sidelines, including the 50-yard line on the first tier.


Features: Cushioned seats, extra leg room, access to the patio lounge, chairman’s club, including food, beverages, parking, along with the VIP entrance.


My assessment: The chairmen’s club is first rate, it is almost like a suite, and has direct access to your seating. This is where all the big name people will be hanging out, and has the best food (and the shortest restroom lines).


Personal Seat License Price: $35,000 to $80,000


All-Access Level


Location: All-Access seats are the best in the house, they are on the second tier, on the 50-yard line.


Features: Well cushioned seats, cup holders, extra leg room, access to the patio lounge, chairman’s club, including food, beverages, parking, and the VIP entrance. The All-Access level also gets the first shot at Super Bowl tickets.


My assessment: The other seats have cup holders, but these have them at the end of the arm rests instead of the back of the seat. That said, this group is paying for comfort, and the best seats.


Personal Seat License Price: $100,000


I see a huge jump from what I expect will be available for the the standard tickets and the club tickets, but a lot less to set apart the three premium seating groups, which all carry the per game price tag of $375. The really important things I took away from this were:


1. In 2068, the Rams will fully refund the cost of your PSL. This is an investment in your entertainment, and the Rams want to pay that back. It will not be worth nearly as much in 2068, but it’s something.


2. You can transfer or sell your PSL, so if you move away and can’t attend games, you can get some value back on your PSL, if not make some money off them.


3. The Rams don’t want you to break the bank. They have numerous, flexible finance options to help you pay.


4. If you are worried about missing out, don’t be. 58,000 standard seats have not gone on sale, and the Rams will probably wait until this time next year to start selling them.


This is going to be the biggest and best sports entertainment complex in the world, so get pumped for 2020 Rams fans!


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