Jake Ellenbogen's 1st Round 2018 Mock Draft 1.0

by Jake Ellenbogen
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It’s January, it’s pre-Senior Bowl but I have decided to release my first full all 32 team NFL mock draft for the 2018 draft season. 


1.Cleveland Browns: Sam Darnold, QB, USC

This is going to be the Goff vs. Wentz debate of the draft or the Winston vs. Mariota but I still have a feeling it’s going to go the way we all expected. Sure, it wasn’t the best season for Darnold, but when you look at what he brings to the table it’s undeniable with a mind like Hue Jackson, Darnold could be special. It may not be the easiest thing to get him to that point, while he makes a bunch of “wow” throws. He still has a hard to time not taking those big-time risks and it costs him. Still, though, I think Darnold is the better QB prospect than Rosen as far as the future goes, right now, Rosen is probably the better player but Darnold has the higher ceiling. With the Browns coming off an 0-16 season they are clearly nowhere close to being contenders which is why they can try their luck on an extremely talented prospect and develop him the right way. Hue finally gets his own QB and Saschi Brown won’t be able to stop him this time.


2.New York Giants: Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

I know Dave Gettleman is said to like Eli Manning a lot but there is no reason to pass on your future franchise QB. Josh Rosen was born to play the position and he would be an instant starter at the next level. He’s not a guy I think the Giants would have to sit but if they wanted to play Manning for another year or so Rosen wouldn’t be hurt by that. With the new Head coach likely being Minnesota Vikings Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, Rosen will be in the right system to develop the right way. Shurmur was the OC the year Sam Bradford started his rookie year for the Rams and he put together a system that helped Bradford easily acclimate to the speed and pressure of the NFL game. This seems like a fantastic fit for a Giants team that just went through a nightmare season with a Head coach that had no clue what he was doing.


3.Indianapolis Colts: Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State 

Chris Ballard is a genius of a mind for the Colts. While I could see Bradley Chubb going here and adding to an abysmal Colts pass rush, I just think when you have Andrew Luck and now Josh McDaniels as your Head coach you have to imagine that getting a RB like Barkley is a no-brainer. Barkley would have similar results to the Rams RB Todd Gurley who is getting MVP votes after a stellar season and the Saints RB Alvin Kamara who will end up winning Offensive Rookie of the Year. Barkley would give McDaniels a franchise piece to pair with his elite QB that for the first time in awhile appears to be ready. When you look at the history of the draft, it pays off to draft the best available. Chubb wouldn’t be a bad pick but Barkley would transform the offense and you saw what that caliber of weapon can do for a team this season. Just look at how important Ezekiel Elliott and Leonard Fournette are to the success of their teams. Saquon has to be the pick here.


4.Cleveland Browns: Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB/S, Alabama

I wanted to put Bradley Chubb here but after the Browns just went 0-16, I don’t know if they can grab Chubb when they have Myles Garrett and Emmanuel Ogbah. The more glaring need for sure is safety. Fitzpatrick would fill a big hole and would help a defense that already is pretty good despite not winning a game. Fitzpatrick is kind of like Jalen Ramsey in the fact he can play cornerback or safety. There is a chance the Browns could sign Maurice Alexander in free agency to reunite him with Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and move Fitzpatrick to cornerback. That seems like an ideal option. While Chubb might be regarded a little higher than Fitzpatrick, let’s not forget this is still a safety that could go top five. Special talents at that position go that high and Fitzpatrick is special.


5.Denver Broncos: Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma 

This may come as a shock to many that at one point thought Baker Mayfield was going to be a third-round pick just like his common comparison Russell Wilson. However, Mayfield has generated some steam and he is going to be at the Senior Bowl with a chance to add even more to that. Normally you would think John Elway would look at maybe signing Kirk Cousins in free agency but there’s a reason that the Denver coaching staff was asking the Senior Bowl to have Baker Mayfield play for the team they are coaching at the event. They clearly want to get the best look at the man who could be their franchise QB. Mayfield seems like a nice fit for the Broncos, this might be a little too early for him but it’s what I expect to happen as of right now. Mayfield would walk into Denver not having to start since Denver still has Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch to hold the team over until Mayfield is ready. I expect Mayfield to thrive though when given a chance with offensive weapons in C.J. Anderson, Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. Not to mention a defense that not long ago almost won a Super Bowl by themselves. 


6.New York Jets: Bradley Chubb, EDGE, NC State 

The Jets have picked sixth in what seems like every year now. They waited, stayed at six and didn’t trade up and were rewarded with DL Leonard Williams in 2015 and FS Jamal Adams in 2016. Now, they watch Baker Mayfield fly off the board right before their pick and they end up with the best edge rusher in this draft instead Bradley Chubb. Chubb is impressive, he’s not Myles Garrett, Jadeveon Clowney or Khalil Mack but he’s not far from them. He’s consistently dominant off of the edge and is stout as a run defender. I think Chubb is the perfect EDGE that the Jets need but where will they play him? Who cares? Players like Chubb you find a place to play him. Bottom line is this is another potential All-Pro player going to a defense that continues to get better and better under Head coach Todd Bowles. Also, with the projected $80 million in cap space, the Jets could very well sign Kirk Cousins to be their franchise QB. Getting Chubb and Cousins would leave Jets fans ecstatic entering the 2018 season.


7.Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Arden Key, EDGE, LSU

Arden Key is a high risk-high reward player. You talk about someone that almost gave up football and then a year later you are picking him in the top 10 of the NFL draft? Yes, if his name is Arden Key then you might have to. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to upgrade their defense and with Robert Ayers as a stop-gap edge defender, it’s time for the Bucs to replace him. Enter Arden Key who the Bucs can add to start building that playoff-caliber team we expected them to have by now. There is a chance though with Chubb falling to the Jets at six the Bucs might just call up New York and try to wheel and deal to avoid making the tough decision with the boom or bust prospect. However, in this case, I’m not doing trades and I think Key would be a good pick and a step in the right direction for the Bucs. 


8.Chicago Bears: Connor Williams, OT, Texas

This pick needs to be Connor Williams for the Bears. Charles Leno got paid but isn’t getting the job done and you don’t want to risk permanently damaging your young QB’s confidence or just your young QB in general. Just look at Jared Goff for instance, going from Greg Robinson to Andrew Whitworth. The confidence was built and that likely helped Goff grow in year two. Trubisky would certainly continue to develop under new Head coach Matt Nagy and behind the blindside protection of Williams who is the best tackle in this draft. I think it’s too early for Calvin Ridley or Courtland Sutton here so I would rather sign Allen Robinson in free agency to be your big body outside receiver and get your offensive tackle. With the way, Adrian Amos and Eddie Jackson played I don’t think you can look at safety either. The only other option would be a cornerback with the possibility of losing both Prince Amukamara and Kyle Fuller in free agency but even still, offensive tackle and the best player available is more important. 


9.Oakland Raiders: Joshua Jackson, CB, Iowa

The Raiders had a lot that went wrong this year. Jack Del Rio went from being the preseason projected runner-up for Coach of the Year to not being the Raiders coach anymore. The offense may have issues but the clear issue is defense and mainly cornerback. Head coach Jon Gruden will notice this, there isn’t enough speed at cornerback. The signing of Sean Smith has backfired big time, T.J. Carrie is not an ideal starter and the team can’t just rely on David Amerson to dominate the field. That’s where the Iowa playmaker Joshua Jackson comes in. Sure, it will be hard to pass up Roquan Smith and even Denzel Ward but Jackson can not only fill the need at CB but also make plays with his exceptional ball skills that could help a team that took weeks on end to get their first interception of the season. Jackson would create extra possessions for the Raiders on offense and would instantly be an upgrade.


10.San Francisco 49ers: Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia

This is a great pick for the 49ers. They went undefeated in the last five games of the season and they still end up picking tenth in which could mean drafting an All-Pro talent. In this case, the 49ers while they could add G Quenton Nelson or CB Denzel Ward, have the ability to strengthen a linebacker corps to a level they haven’t been in a long time. Brock Coyle and Eli Harold are not amazing by any stretch, but former first-round pick from last year Reuben Foster is and that’s why we are pairing him with Roquan Smith. Since Defensive coordinator Robert Saleh took over, the 49ers have switched to a 4-3 defense so while Smith could play the Mike linebacker in a 4-3, he’s also plenty equipped to play next to Foster as an outside linebacker. This is a best available pickup. You really can’t go wrong with Nelson, Ward or Smith but I think Smith is the best on the board at this point. 


11.Miami Dolphins: Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame 

Notre Dame has a rare talent at guard in Quenton Nelson and if I’m the Dolphins there is no way I’m passing him up in this situation. Nelson falls into your lap and he can instantly play at a high level in what I would call a position of need. No, I am not comfortable with starting Ted Larsen or Jermon Bushrod at guard and that’s why if I’m Miami I make this pick. It’s unclear who the future QB will be for Adam Gase but I will tell you that the key for any quarterback is an offensive line. Yes, Denzel Ward is still sitting there and perhaps maybe you are even considering a Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen at QB, but make no mistake you have to find players like Nelson and build on the inside out in order to build a successful and stable roster. I love this fit and putting Nelson next to Tunsil starts to really take shape of this offensive line that was once a laughing stock. 


12.Cincinnati Bengals: Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame

So this is what happens when the Bengals let both Andrew Whitworth and Kevin Zeitler go in free agency. The Bengals likely missed out on the playoffs due to the play of their offensive line and the way it held back Andy Dalton. Once again Denzel Ward is there and that’s likely the best player available, not to mention you watched Quenton Nelson (who would have filled one of your needs) get picked the pick ahead of you. So, you are left to reach a little bit on his teammate Mike McGlinchey. Of course, before this season McGlinchey was expected to be a top-five pick, but as the season went on we figured out he was really solid but picking him that early wouldn’t have made any sense. The Bengals pick him a little early, seeing that there is a drop off with the next tackle and the fact the free agency pool of tackles isn’t ideal at all. The Bengals reach but they get a left tackle to stop the bleeding and hopefully improve the offense enough to make a run at the playoffs next season. Another thing, drafting John Ross that high set you back, this is what you need to do as a team to get back on track.


13.Washington Redskins: Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming

This mock draft is showing my confidence level in the idea that the Washington Redskins bring back Kirk Cousins. Yeah, not confident in that at all clearly. In steps Josh Allen, look, I don’t think he is a day one starter but with a tough defense coached by defensive coordinator Greg Manusky, I think there is a chance that there is enough of a foundation for Josh Allen to…dare I say it? Succeed? Allen has the traits of Phil Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger. I think the ideal situation for him is to sit behind either Big Ben in Pittsburgh or Rivers in Los Angeles but I don’t see him falling that far. The Redskins have some solid weapons and a really good offensive line. This could be a sleeping giant if we come to find that Allen is the real deal and the Redskins needed a dynamic mobile threat like Allen. 


14.Green Bay Packers: Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State

Finally, Denzel Ward comes off the board in what is a great fit in Green Bay. New Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine gets his potential number one corner to go next to Damarious Randall and last year’s pick Kevin King. Yes, Morgan Burnett is likely to leave in free agency but that’s why the Packers spent a high pick on Josh Jones. I think Ward would give Pettine a big piece to start building this defense back up to the Nick Collins days that seem years away. The biggest weakness as been cornerback by far. You could make the argument that the Packers could move on from both Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb soon but I think Ward is perfect value here and you could find a great value second round receiver like Simmie Cobbs from Indiana or Anthony Miller from Memphis. Plus, how much of a premium on a receiver do you have to put when Aaron Rodgers is your QB?


15.Arizona Cardinals: Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville 

Some of you may call this a reach but with Bruce Arians gone, Carson Palmer gone and the Cardinals left with nothing but Blaine Gabbert at QB, it’s time for GM Steve Keim to finally cave and draft a legitimate rookie QB. The last time the Cardinals drafting a QB it was Logan Thomas, he had the upside with his athletic ability and was intriguing but ultimately didn’t pan out and ended up being moved to TE on another team. The easy way out would to be the team that goes out and trades for an Alex Smith and come to think of it trading for him or even Jacoby Brissett doesn’t sound like a bad thing. However, it’s time that the Cardinals grab a QB that is going to strike fear into opposing defenses. Insert Lamar Jackson, someone that, if he translates well to the NFL, he’s going to be a nightmare for teams to defend and could cause their division rivals to restructure their defenses with the basis of stopping Jackson. Sure, with the receivers looking bleak in Arizona you may want to draft someone here. Don’t, Jackson is the far better option than drafting a WR here in which you can find better value and possibly find that diamond in the rough in the later rounds. 


16.Baltimore Ravens: Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU

Joe Flacco has not been the same since he started to suffer all of these injuries. However, it doesn’t help that Breshad Perriman was a complete bust, Mike Wallace was inconsistent and Jeremy Maclin was never the receiver everyone wanted him to be. Flacco needs a legitimate number one guy. Losing Dennis Pitta to injury hasn’t helped and losing Steve Smith and even Anquan Boldin back in the day hasn’t helped. Let’s give him some size at the position. Courtland Sutton from SMU stands at 6-foot-4 and he’s by far the best jump-ball receiver in the draft. He could explode if he has a good combine performance but if he’s there this is the type of guy that might be able to put you over the hump. If I’m Baltimore I look at the fact the playoffs were as close as it gets. Sutton might be that deep threat that allows Flacco to have a “cop out” late in games. 


17.Los Angeles Chargers: Vita Vea, NT, Washington

The Chargers have a nice defense coached by Gus Bradley but it’s a pass rush-heavy defense. There needs to be more of an ability to stop the run at least from the interior line perspective. That is exactly where Vita Vea comes in. Vea is an absolute monster a lot like Haloti Ngata was, at almost 350 pounds he can plug up run lanes but what is even scarier with him? He’s fast, like abnormally fast for a fan his size. Now that Brandon Mebane is at the end of his career and he’s 33, there is a good chance that Vea is the perfect fit in his place. Now, you have Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram, Corey Liuget and Vita Vea. Good luck running or doing anything against that line.


18.Seattle Seahawks: Derwin James, S, Florida State

Kam Chancellor is likely never going to play football again and who knows about the future of Earl Thomas in Seattle? K.J. Wright apparently is happy that Ken Norton Jr. is back with the Seahawks but it’s uncertain how the rest of the team feels. Derwin James is a player that many felt was a top three pick at the beginning of the year, but he struggled after his injury and really came on towards the end of the season. This isn’t someone I would be sleeping on and for the Seahawks, this is the perfect player to start over if the Legion of Boom has indeed come to an end in Seattle. 


19.Dallas Cowboys: Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama

The Cowboys are likely going to be done with Dez Bryant soon and they probably should be. Someone that isn’t willing to take a pay cut despite the fact he hasn’t had a 100-yard performance in over 20 games? It’s official, Dez is no longer an elite receiver and he’s clearly gone downhill but the Cowboys can’t afford to be okay with that. Their best receiver might have actually been someone that wasn’t used often and that’s Brice Butler. Cole Beasley had a down year after a great year in 2016 and Terrance Williams is still inconsistent. What can the Cowboys do to help Dak Prescott? Draft the Alabama receiver, Calvin Ridley. Ridley has a legitimate chance to come in right away and play on the outside for the Cowboys. This receiver group just doesn’t scare people, so adding Ridley would definitely help as he has number one receiver size and the ability to make plays in the open field. This is a big-play receiver that Dak desperately needs in his clutches right now after a down year that resulted in the team going from first seed in the playoffs to missing it altogether.


20.Detroit Lions: Derrius Guice, RB, LSU

This might not be a popular option for Lions fans but I think that there is a solid team in Detroit, with the new Head coach Matt Patricia expected to take over, I would expect to see him look at other ways at improving the defense and rather coaching up some diamonds in the rough. Yes, Ziggy Ansah is a free agent and it’s uncertain whether or not the team brings him back, but I just love Derrius Guice here. The Lions had a hard time really ever controlling games in the 2017 season. They have a great QB in Matt Stafford but they need to control the clock more. There is a reason why almost every game it seemed like the Lions were down in the fourth quarter begging for Stafford to lead them to another improbable victory. That’s not a sustainable way of winning, so that’s why you give Stafford, Guice. Guice is a player that can inside and outside the tackles with speed and power. This is a bell cow that would make the Lions a lot better and more efficient. Ameer Abdullah, Theo Riddick, Tion Green and Dewayne Washington are all pieces but Guice can be that complete back that ultimately closes the game for you. 


21.Buffalo Bills: Tremaine Edmunds, ILB, Virginia Tech

Tremaine Edmunds is a physical freak and I only see his stock soaring after the combine. For now, his stock places him in the 20’s and the Bills with their two picks after making the draft trade last year with the Chiefs they decide to upgrade inside backer with Edmunds how is by far the best tackling linebacker in the draft and has a ton of traits that would make you think Anthony Barr. Edmunds is another situation where the Bills don’t need him and probably like Preston Smith, but it’s just too much to pass up on. Buffalo received quality play out of Matt Milano and Lorenzo Alexander wasn’t bad so now you grab that premier guy that can be your inside guy. Sure, you could look at CB but the better option would be to simply just re-sign E.J. Gaines after he had a great year for the Bills.


22.Buffalo Bills: Da’Ron Payne, DL, Alabama

The Bills acquire some big-time meat on the defensive line. I don’t know if Kyle Williams is retiring or not but it’s not going to cut it regardless, the Bills clearly need to upgrade their defensive line. Da’Ron Payne made his presence known in the National Title game with his dominant performance versus the Georgia Bulldogs. This is someone that can instantly bolster the Bills defense, he’s a big defensive lineman that adds some serious athleticism to the table as well. Adolphus Washington wasn’t all that this season and I love this fit. You can start looking at upgrading the offense in round two but this holds your defense over for awhile with these two selections.  


23.Los Angeles Rams: Marcus Davenport, EDGE, University of Texas-San Antonio 

I will go back and forth on this position all draft season long probably. However, today while I love Isaiah Oliver here, I feel like there is a possibility the Rams bring back Trumaine Johnson, I feel good about the way Troy Hill and Kevin Peterson played to end the season and I feel good about the possibility of replacing Johnson in free agency if the Rams have to. So, that brings me to my pick of Marcus Davenport. This player likely won’t be an option when the draft process concludes but for now there is no way the Rams could pass him up. His size, speed and power combination is flat out rare and not to mention he would be the best run defender today on the Rams. Robert Quinn might actually be cut to allow the Rams to replace Trumaine or even bring him back. Connor Barwin is a free agent and Samson Ebukam may not be ready to take on that big of a role just yet. Not to mention Matt Longacre was the highest graded edge rusher for the Rams and he finished the season on Injured Reserve with a back injury. It may seem crazy but the Rams need to pull the trigger here on Marcus Davenport. This is someone that will be unleashed in Wade Phillips’ scheme and has one of the bigger ceilings in the draft.


24.Carolina Panthers: Harold Landry, EDGE, Boston College

One of the top edge rushers in the draft falls right into the spot of one of the greatest edge rushing prospects of all time, Julis Peppers. With Peppers at 38 years old and the next guy in line at 31 in Charles Johnson, the Panthers clearly have a need for an edge rusher. That is exactly why Landry is a perfect fit here. It will be dangerous for the NFC when the Panthers already really impressive defense gets younger and faster. Landry is simply put, a natural pass rusher that is scheme versatile. It’s one of those simple things, like Bradley Chubb earlier, you pick him and then find a spot for him to play on your defense. It’s not hard, you just make the move and reap the benefits. As a Senior, that means Landry will likely be even more ready to start day one which bodes really well for the Panthers in this case.


25.Tennessee Titans: Dorance Armstrong Jr., EDGE, Kansas

The Titans honestly don’t have many holes at all on their roster. It is clear that the coaching was lacking and with the possibility of their new coach being a young football on mind on the offensive side of the ball in Matt LaFleur or the defensive side of the ball in Mike Vrabel there is a good chance this team will be ready to make a run at a Super Bowl. With the Titans possessing $51 million in projected cap space, they can still save more by cutting EDGE Derrick Morgan for almost $9 million in cap savings. Now, the Titans can insert Jayhawk edge rusher Dorance Armstrong right into the fray. Armstrong played on some horrid teams at Kansas but you never saw his motor diminish and he was always catching draft buzz even while playing on a winless or near winless team. Armstrong and Orakpo would be a nice duo on the edge and add to a Dick LeBeau defense that is already really solid as it is. Armstrong is a freakish athlete that can stand up or put his hand in the dirt and I think he would fit perfectly into LeBeau’s defense.


26.Atlanta Falcons: Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado

Yeah so because I switched my mind on Oliver to the Rams he falls down three spots. Well, this is another best player available type of thing. The Falcons don’t have many needs at all and Isaiah Oliver is just too good to pass up and give your team insurance for when Robert Alford is a free agent. Besides, Oliver is a corner that can play on an island and isolated on one receiver. Who else can do this? Desmond Trufant, who also plays for the Atlanta Falcons. So, if the Falcons make this happen they can really build themselves an extremely dangerous secondary. The fit would certainly be there for Oliver.  


27.New Orleans Saints: Malik Jefferson, LB, Texas

The New Orleans Saints have built themselves a pretty nice defense but the linebacker group can be upgraded. I could Rashaan Evans here or even Ronnie Harrison to fix the fact that Marcus Williams was the only safety that really showed up this year besides that missed tackle in the postseason. Malik Jefferson is just another athletic freak that will tear up the combine and the Saints can use him in multiple ways, whether its on the edge as a blitzing linebacker or at the inside linebacker position or even outside. You really can put him anywhere, he’s still got a long way to go but he’s a good prospect that will help the Saints immediately.


28.Pittsburgh Steelers: Rashaan Evans, ILB, Alabama

It’s unfortunate this is a need, Vince Williams was playing well all year until Ryan Shazier suffered an unfortunately serious injury. It’s not known if he will come back and play football again but even if he does it’s unfair to expect him to go back to being that elite talent he was pre-injury. Sean Spence was worse than terrible in relief and while L.J. Fort and Tyler Matakevich flash every now and then, there is no hiding that the Steelers need a legitimate linebacker on the inside. Well, in steps Rashaan Evans from Alabama. In case you have forgotten, Alabama is a good place to draft linebackers from, Dont’a Hightower and C.J. Moseley have recently proven that. Evans is an athletic linebacker that excels in coverage and being a flat out thumper for a defense. Before Shazier went down the Steelers had a special looking defense coached by Keith Butler. Now, you throw Evans in the fold and maybe Shazier gets healthy enough to remain a good player and all you have left is to fill the free safety spot next to Sean Davis.


29.Jacksonville Jaguars: Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn

Why not keep adding to that historic Sacksonville defense? Carlton Davis joins a loaded defensive team but there’s a reason for it. Aaron Colvin is a free agent and sure, the team likes Jalen Myrick. However, why would they pass up the opportunity to get another really good player at the corner spot behind Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye. The rich do get richer and with Sam Hubbard still on the board there’s a big chance that even though the Jaguars are fine at the position they would pick the best available.


30.Philadelphia Eagles: Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma 

The Eagles are going to be getting their star franchise QB back from a torn ACL next year and the last thing they want to do is have no one to replace Jason Peters and protect him. This is not to say Orlando Brown is totally ready for this big of a job but he’s big and has a chance to be really good if coached up the right way. I don’t have confidence an aging Jason Peters is going to come back to football after his season-ending injury so that’s why I think this pick makes sense. At this point, it might be a reach but at the end of the first round you can afford it.


31.New England Patriots: Sam Hubbard, EDGE, Ohio State

This is a pick I could definitely see t he Patriots making. Their defensive front seven is not as good as many may think. There are still plenty of upgrades that need to be done. Hubbard is a blue-collar three-down type of edge defender that has the athleticism to play in an sort of way the Patriots need him to. He’s a plug-in-play edge defender that has the instincts to make all other teams pay dearly for passing up on him. Especially with him in the Patriot system…


32.Minnesota Vikings: Billy Price, G/C, Ohio State

The Vikings are my pick to win the Super Bowl but they are not a perfect team by any stretch. They still need help on their offensive line to continue with this success. That’s why moving on from 35-year old Joe Berger at guard might be the best idea. Price can play either guard or center next to his former teammate Pat Elflein. Price has that mean streak you love to see in offensive lineman, he’s been a star at the collegiate level and is expected to translate well to the NFL level. His football IQ and the fact he can fit into any blocking scheme seamlessly makes him a great pick to close out the first round of the draft.


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