How buying low on Rams WR Sammy Watkins could save your fantasy football season

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Do you find yourself in deep trouble entering week seven for fantasy football? If you answered yes, there might just be a struggling receiver out and readily available for you to buy low on in your fantasy league.


That is right, I might be crazy but Sammy Watkins of the Los Angeles Rams is a must to buy low on this week for your fantasy team. Why do I say that? Well, first off, if you watch the Rams you notice that Watkins is not really the problem with his lack of production. That’s right, Watkins has had numerous plays where he has blown past his man and either was not targeted or had his quarterback Jared Goff overthrow him. Yes, I get why you would be quick to counter at me asking why exactly Watkins is a must but hear me out.


The Rams past two weeks had a gameplan that revolved around being careful with the football. Young second-year QB Goff has had his work cut out for him the last two games going up against the Seahawks and Jaguars back to back games. What you saw in the 49ers game was exactly what Watkins is capable of for the Rams. It’s going to come back to that but like this young Rams team that has shown their fair share of growing pains, this offense takes time. This week the Rams head to London to play the Arizona Cardinals which is a perfect matchup for Watkins who will be facing a defense that gives up the second most fantasy points to receivers. On top of the obvious matchup advantage, the Rams will most likely head back to playing the type of football you saw against the Cowboys and 49ers which will open up more opportunities for Watkins. As I previously mentioned, the Rams had to change up their gameplan big time and now against a weaker defense the Rams can likely air it out.


Yes, I know this is one of the most unpredictable leagues out there but Watkins has a really nice looking slate coming up which is why it’s the perfect time to pounce. He plays a defense six times in the next 10 weeks that are ranked at least 20th or even worse in the league against WR’s in fantasy. Don’t believe me? Just look for yourself.


Sammy Watkins vs. Defenses the rest of the way

Week 7 – Arizona Cardinals 30th ranked against WR’s

Week 8 – BYE

Week 9 – New York Giants 9th ranked against WR’s 

Week 10 – Houston Texans 15th ranked against WR’s 

Week 11 – Minnesota Vikings 20th ranked against WR’s 

Week 12 – New Orleans Saints 25th ranked against WR’s 

Week 13 – Arizona Cardinals 30th ranked against WR’s 

Week 14 – Philadelphia Eagles 31st ranked against WR’s 

Week 15 – Seattle Seahawks 13th ranked against WR’s 

Week 16 – Tennessee Titans  26th ranked against WR’s 

Week 17 – San Francisco 49ers 22nd ranked against WR’s 


The important thing to keep in mind is that there is no one like Watkins on the Rams roster he’s 6-foot-1 and 211 pounds plus the fact he runs in the 4.4’s makes him a matchup nightmare. Watkins isn’t doing anything wrong, the only thing you can make an argument against is the fact he took to social media to complain about targets. Goff still needs to get used to the fact that he has a deep threat keep in mind and once he puts more air under his deep ball Goff is going to be lethal and of course Watkins production is going to spike.


If you watch or listen or even read about fantasy football you should already know that many are saying to trade Watkins for whatever you can. Let me just say that people do tend to listen to the “experts” and go against their own gut feeling. “I don’t want to trade Watkins because I know he is going to go off again but Matthew Berry told me to get whatever I can now for him.” Don’t do it. Don’t fall for the trap. The Rams would not have sacrificed E.J. Gaines who they could use at CB and a second-round pick next year for this type of player if they didn’t have a use for him. The Rams are going to get Watkins involved and to be completely honest even if it doesn’t happen this week in his most favorable matchup yet, the Rams have an entire bye week to mull over changes to the offense that can get him more involved. 


From the looks of the 4-2 Rams already this appears to be a team that will be playing meaningful football and will eventually play teams they will need to rely on Watkins against. Watkins has stayed healthy, time has gone on for him to get acclimated and connect with Goff chemistry wise so it’s only a matter of time. Bear in mind this trade was made in the middle of preseason. How long has Robert Woods been with Goff? How about Cooper Kupp? Since mini-camp. Watkins joined into the middle of preseason. Just like the Rams defense under Wade Phillips, things take time and Watkins and Goff just need that time to finally click. 


One thing is for certain, once the Rams have Watkins clicking as their number one go-to receiver you are going to look like a genius for trading for Watkins. With that being said, what can you offer up for Watkins? Honestly, at this point a player like Redskins RB Chris Thompson or maybe Jets TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins would net you Watkins. It really depends on who owns him at this point. This is a player that has name recognition but he also has notoriety as a player that has battled injury and has burned fantasy players alike before. If you are able to acquire Watkins, you will need to absolutely play him this week versus the Cardinals. 


Look, the Rams offense is starting to slow down a bit after taking the league by storm. Do you think Sean McVay is going to stand for that? No way, the Rams are going to make adjustments and they are going to get Watkins in on the offense for good. The time is now to buy low on Watkins before he breaks out in week seven and he’s impossible to get once people start to believe in him again. Right now, like Terrelle Pryor and Amari Cooper, players have lost complete faith in Watkins but still keep him on the roster because of the name. This shows they are clearly waiting to have someone offer them something for him. Your fantasy league mates likely won’t tell you they are not interested in keeping a player but you can just look at who they start week in and week out their actions will speak louder than their words.


So in conclusion go trade for Watkins right this second. Thanks for reading and good luck to you this fantasy season. 


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