What Would a Jeff Fisher Team Look Like in 2017

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There is no question that this offseason the Los Angeles Rams have made some great moves. From signing Andrew Whitworth and Robert Woods to drafting Cooper Kupp, the Rams have made great additions. 


However, what if last season, Kevin Demhoff has stuck to the Jeff Fisher extension and not fired the head coach? What would the team look like then? Accurate or not, I’m going to take a wing at it. From free agency to the draft here’s what a team lead by Jeff Fisher would look like. 


NFL Free Agency:


With McVay


Significant Additions: DE Connor Barwin, RB Lance Dunbar, QB Aaron Murray, CB Nickell Robey-Coleman, C John Sullivan, DT Tyrunn Walker, CB Kayvon Webster, OT Andrew Whitworth, WR Robert Woods


Significant Losses: C Tim Barnes, WR Kenny Britt, S T.J. McDonald, DE Eugene Sims, WR Brian Quick, TE Lance Kendricks


With Fisher


With Jeff Fisher, it is almost a guarantee that Kenny Britt and TJ McDonald are both still Rams. They aren’t going anywhere. Benny Cunningham would still be up in the air as to whether or not he returned and the Rams may let Eugene Sims walk. It’s even more doubtful that defensive end William Hayes is gone. 


The Rams had approximately $20-million in cap space and by signing Britt and McDonald, they are probably left with about $8-million left. 


That leaves the Rams with most likely, one more signing. As far as additions go, it’s hard to know exactly who Fisher would have signed. The Rams most likely wouldnt have cut Greg Robinson which throws Andrew Whitworth out the window. Kavyon Webster’s big reason for coming to the Rams was Wade Phillips, therefore he’s not an option. 


However, I do think the Rams maybe stick with the cornerback position. Cornerback Alterraun Verner had one of his best seasons with Gregg Williams helping the defense in Tennessee. The Rams could have gotten him for cheap. Another option at cornerback may have been Prince Amukamara, but with Verner’s history, he makes more sense. 


The Rams would have had to address the offense at some point, but with little cap money, only $5-7-million left, options are limited. By signing Britt, the Rams probably don’t go wide receiver and they need to find someone cheap on the offensive line. A player like Jahri Evans would make sense. Someone who can step in and play guard, and be a veteran presence inside. 


It’s hard to predict what else the Rams do, but Verner and Evans are realistic. 


NFL Draft


With McVay


Significant Additions: TE Gerald Everett, S John Johnson, WR Cooper Kupp, WR Josh Reynolds


With Fisher


Once again, it’s difficult to know what Fisher would have done, however, we’re going to take a crack at it. 


Rd 2: WR Zay Jones


With Jeff Fisher basically calling the shots, I’m not sure a trade back happens here. Les Snead will try to push it, but Fisher will see the talent on the board and not be able to pass it up. 


The Rams lost Brian Quick and need to give their quarterback a weapon. Jones is a playmaker that Fisher will want to give his quarterback. 


Rd 3: C Pat Elfein


Jeff Fisher knows he has to bolster the offensive line, with a guy like Elfein available that can step in and play the center, an area that the team has been lacking, makes sense. 


Rd 4: LB Jalen Reeves-Maybin


The Rams have addressed the offense and now need to add some depth at linebacker. A guy like Reeves-Maybin, who has had his injury concerns, can grow into a guy that can play next to Alec Ogletree in a 4-3. 


Rd 6: CB Jeremy Clark


The Rams added Verner in free agency, but still need to add some depth at the position. Clark has some potential and will be able to play special teams. 


Rd 7: RB Khalfani Muhammad


If the Rams lose Cunningham, replacing him with Muhammad would be a big hit, however, Muhammad is able to return and bring’s speed to the position. He isn’t good in pass protection, but that will either need to be developed or, with it being Jeff Fisher, it will just be the Todd Gurley show. 


This probably isn’t exactly what Jeff Fisher would have done. In fact it probably is far from it. What it does show however, is how different the Rams look with McVay than they might have with Fisher. 


Kenny Britt, TJ McDonald, and William Hayes most certainly are not gone. Gregg Williams is still the defensive coordinator, and Rob Boras is still running the offense. 


In other words, it would have been more 7 and 9 Bull S***.




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