Six Jared Goff Throws That Should Leave Rams Fans Excited

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After a disastrous rookie season that saw Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff throw for just over 155 yards per game while going 0-7, fans aren’t too optimistic about the second year quarterback. 


It is with good reason, however. Goff in his rookie year looked lost at times and like he didnt belong on the field. The team gave up a plethora of draft picks to go get him as well which left it that much more disappointing. 


With new head coach Sean McVay, Goff gets a clean slate per se. In Washington, McVay took Kirk Cousins’ game to another level. Some forget that in Cousins’ first two seasons, the quarterback managed just 1,320 yards in eight games which averaged to be a measly 165 yards per game. 


That was without McVay. With the new Rams head coach, Cousins’ game exploded and improved every year. In six games in 2014, the first year under McVay, Cousins had 1,710 yards and had more touchdowns than interceptions for the first time in his career. His yardage was also more than his first two seasons combined despite playing in two fewer games. 


Over the next two years, the Redskins quarterback would manage the fourth most passing yards behind only Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, and Phillip Rivers as well as have the fifth best quarterback rating among qualifying players. 


Under McVay, Cousins’ game changed. His level of play skyrocketed. This should be a reason of hope for Rams fans. The team took him number one overall for a reason. There is talent there. The new head coach even said that Goff was one of the main reasons he took the Rams coaching job. 


Goff had a forgettable rookie season, but that doesn’t mean he didnt make plays. Heck, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then. With that said, Goff did have some NFL-level throws and some throws that paired with McVay, should be promising. 


Throw 1



 Now, these are two throws, but they are generally the same throw and are difficult throws at that. The fact that this throw is completed twice and is made consistently, is impressive. In both plays the defender has done a nice job at pinning Kenny Britt along the sidelines, yet with good pocket presence, Goff manages to make a beautiful back shoulder throw on both occasions and complete the pass. Kudos to Britt who also makes stellar catches both times. 


Throw #2



This is one of the more memorable throws in Goff’s rookie year. Once again, stellar in the pocket and doesn’t look down at the three defenders coming at him. He puts the ball where only Tavon Austin can get it to begin a three touchdown first half. 


Throw #3


 Throw number three may not seem impressive, but it shows Goff’s arm strength. He manages to throw a slant off balance on his back foot, through the rush and defender’s hands, and complete the pass to Britt. It’s not flashy, but it’s a first down and an NFL throw. 


Throw #4


 Once again, this throw is not at all flashy. However, it really shows off Goff’s presence in the pocket which is one of his strengths. He avoids the rush, stays poised, and hits Kenny Britt. It’s a little behind him, but the throw is impressive. 


Throw #5


 My favorite Goff throw of the season right here. Beautiful play action fake. Goff really sells it. The linebackers are up and Cam Chancellor the safety is up. Now, if only Mike Thomas were to catch the ball.


Throw #6



This is one of Goff’s best throws of the season. It’s not flashy at all, but outside on a cold, windy Seattle night, Goff stands in the pocket and delivers a dart to Kenny Britt. The impressive part is that it’s over three Seahawk defenders including Richard Sherman. It also looks to be Goff’s second read in his progression showing that he doesn’t get stuck on his first read. 


These are six big time NFL throws. Now, does it mean Goff is the answer and will figure it out under McVay? Absolutely not. It will take a lot of improvement in other areas for that to happen. 


However, what these throws do show is that Goff does have talent. He can play at the NFL level. With a scheme and coaching staff that will benefit him in his second year, taking his game to a respectable level is possible. 


Carson Wentz had three former NFL quarterbacks helping him last season while Dak Prescott walked into possibly the best situation in the NFL. Goff walked on to an offense lead by Jeff Fisher and Rob Boras. Fisher wasn’t offensively gifted and Boras was a first time offensive coordinator and former tight ends coach. 


McVay on the other hand has experience with young quarterbacks. It’s obvious when looking at what Cousins did once McVay took over the offense. Hopefully, the same will happen with Goff or the Rams will be in quite the predicament next offseason. 

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