Should The Rams Sign Jeremy Maclin?

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According the Ian Rapport of the NFL Network, the Kansas City Chiefs released wide receiver Jeremy Maclin Friday evening.




The Fit


Before even considering signing Maclin, the Rams would need to find out where he would fit. The Rams signed Robert Woods in the offseason to be the team’s number one receiver and play on the outside and either Tavon Austin or Cooper Kupp are projected to play the other side with the other one taking the spot in the slot. 


Would McVay take playing time away from Austin or Kupp if it meant signing a guy like Maclin? Certainly Woods is a lock and one would assume Austin is also a lock to start. That leaves Kupp , the third round pick, as the odd-man out in terms of playing time. 


The former Eagles and Chiefs receiver certainly fits the possession style of receiver that McVay likes. Having over 1,000 yards in two out of the last three seasons, Maclin would also come in and immediately be the Rams’ best receiver. 


If signing Maclin without a doubt makes the team better, it may be worth working Kupp in the mix in a rotational basis in order to give Goff an actual veteran presence in the receiving corps. 


The Price


This is the tricky part. Outside of the Chiefs, the Rams have the least amount of salary cap available to sign anybody. As it stands they have just over $2-million to spare and even though Maclin had a down year in 2016, he’s not going to sign for $2-million. 


At the very least the Rams would have to open up $3-million to even be able to discuss signing Maclin. As it stands the Rams don’t have anybody on the roster they could cut that wouldn’t hurt the team.


They could cut Roger Saffold and save around $4-million, but Saffold is their starting guard. They could cut Ethan Westbrooks and Dominque Easley and save $4-million, but their goes any depth they didn’t have on the defensive line. 


In order for this type of deal to happen, they would most likely have to re-work a deal or two. Tavon Austin as it stands is set to take $14-million off the cap. If they could take that to around $10-million, they might be able to make it work. For being injured much of the last two years, it would make sense to try to re-work Robert Quinn’s deal as well.


However, for any of that to happen, either of those guys would have to be willing to take the pay cut. 




As much as it would be nice for the Rams to sign Maclin, there are 30 other teams with more money, many of which are more attractive destinations. Maclin would without a doubt be the best receiver on the Rams’ roster, however, it would take a lot to make a deal happen.


Should the Rams sign Maclin? If they can make it work, definitely? However, a deal is probably unlikely.





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