Jared Goff Trade Gives Titans Bright Future

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The Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans heard about the Jared Goff trade throughout the 2016 season. For the Rams it was how they messed up and gave up too much for a quarterback that couldn’t start until week 10. The Titans on the other hand heard about the bright future they had set themselves up for. 


The season before the Titans drafted their own franchise quarterback in Marcus Mariota. With the picks they netted from the Rams, they used those picks to set up Mariota for success for the next 10 plus years. 


Here is the final result of the trade that went down:


The Rams got:

– QB Jared Goff

– WR Pharoh Cooper
– TE Temmarick Hemingway

– WR Mike Thomas


The Rams initially received the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft, No. 113 and No. 177 overall in the 2017 draft. They would trade No. 113 for No. 117 and No. 206, so we included that in their haul.


Obviously the Rams get Goff who went 0-7 as a starter in 2016 and was arguably the worst quarterback in the NFL in those games. In the fourth round, the Rams took Cooper who had 14 receptions for 106 yards in his rookie year. With the team drafting Cooper Kupp in the 2017 draft, it’s hard to see Cooper getting anything more than special teams work. 


In the later rounds the Rams grabbed Hemingway and Thomas. Hemingway recorded a single tackle last season and given that the Rams drafted Gerald Everett, it’s hard to see him getting much time ahead of the second round pick and Higbee. As for Thomas the only thing of note that he did in his rookie year was drop a perfectly thrown touchdown pass from Goff. If he makes the roster it will be as the sixth receiver. 


It’s difficult to tell if the Rams made the right decision. If Goff succeeds under McVay then maybe it would have been worth it. However, as of now it looks like the Rams may have been better off staying where they were and filling other holes. Because the Rams don’t have the draft capital, it’s going to be very hard to put a team around Goff and give him any chance of success.


The Titans got:

– OL Jack Conklin 

– DT Austin Johnson

– RB Derrick Henry

– CB LeShaun Sims

– CB Karlan Reed

– WR Corey Davis

– TE Jannu Smith


Now obviously the Titans didn’t hit on every pick and it’s uncertain what the players they took in this last draft will do. However, they drafted a should have been pro bowler in Conklin, who was one of PFF’s highest rated tackles. Henry could be their running back of the future as he totaled 490 yards on 110 carries last year. Meanwhile Johnson, Sims, and Reed had minimal impact. Sims may have been the most productive with an interception and two fumble recoveries. 


It’s hard to tell what could come of Davis and Smith, but if anything, it gives Mariota more weapons. Davis was the top receiver in the draft while Smith has drawn Delanie Walker comparisons. 


The big takeaway from the haul is that the Titans gave Mariota weapons and gave him a chance to succeed. They got a stud tackle in Conklin, a running back to carry the load in Henry, and potential top targets in Davis and Smith. The Titans are going to be a team to be reckoned with and when they are, many will look at this trade.


Right now it’s obvious that the Titans have won the trade, however, the Rams can still come out feeling good about it if Goff turns it around. As of now however, that’s a big if. 






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