Five players the Rams should decide between at pick No.37

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Round two is here and the Rams are finally going to be able to select the first player of the new Sean McVay and Les Snead era. There are plenty of extremely talented players left on the board and so I will give you the five best options for the Rams at pick 37.


Forrest Lamp, OL, Western Kentucky

I wrote multiple pieces on Forrest Lamp this year and that should tell you how big of a fan I am of his game. Lamp is an extremely versatile “swiss-army knife” on the offensive line. He is capable of playing every single position and that gives the Rams plenty of versatility and flexibility to allow them to focus on other positions the rest of the draft. Lamp was slated to go top-20 by multiple experts, but I fell as though he could fall and sure enough he did. The big thing now is will Lamp get to the magic number 37? That I really don’t know because the Packers, Seahawks, Jaguars and Bears could all look offensive line. They also all happen to pick before the Rams.


Dan Feeney, G, Indiana

Feeney is another player I have written multiple pieces on. He brings the versatility to move to center if needed as well as guard. Feeney is the definition of a nasty plug-in-play guard. The Rams don’t exactly need a guard in my opinion, but it’s more so what Feeney could accomplish at center that intrigues me. Overall, I expect he is well in play for the Rams pick at 37. He is another player that could be targeted by any of the four teams picking ahead of the Rams.


Tyus Bowser, ILB/OLB, Houston

When the first round ended many couldn’t stop talking about the likes of Dalvin Cook and Obi Melifonwu falling in the draft. I actually found myself more interested in an edge rusher from Houston by the name of Bowser. Tyus Bowser is a freaky athlete and looks like a relentless animal. He has his flaws, but overall he would be perfect in a rotation for the Rams, but believe it or not I think he could play inside linebacker. Bowser and Ogletree? That screams athletic freaks to me. Where does Barron go? Quite possibly involved in a draft day trade to scoop up some more picks. If not? We will figure that out later…


Chris Godwin, WR, Penn State

I don’t even have to go into one of my favorite prospects in the draft. Chris Godwin is a total game-breaking talent. Many like Zay Jones and JuJu Smith-Schuster, but I believe in Godwin’s all-around ability. What I find absolutely crazy is that many scouts said they wanted to see him run fast at the combine because all he is missing is speed. Well, he checked that box off posting a 4.42 forty yard dash so why is he not getting the early round two recognition he deserves? Who knows and quite honestly who cares? If the Rams draft Godwin they will be the ones laughing at the teams that forgot about him. Godwin may not be a fan favorite in the Los Angeles area like JuJu, but all homer mindset aside, Godwin is much better and has a much higher ceiling than him. I believe he will absolutely be there when the Rams select at 37.


Malik McDowell, DL, Michigan State

This is a total best available pick, but McDowell could be really alleviating the pressure of a need. We have no idea what the Rams want to do with the other defensive end spot across from Aaron Donald. I have an idea though, maybe take McDowell who is a top 15 talent in my opinion and throw him in at defensive end or nose tackle. McDowell can play both positions. He was a one-man army at Michigan State in the post-Connor Cook era. McDowell would be an instant impact guy and would allow the Rams to possibly have the best defensive front in the league with McDowell, Brockers and Donald.


Those are my five that the Rams should choose from…Who are yours? Let us know!


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