Downtown Rams Draft Profile: Virginia Tech TE Bucky Hodges

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Our new massive series here at Downtown Rams will give you players that catch our eye. We will bring you bring you draft prospects, see where their fit is with the Rams and of course give you a player comparison.

Who is the 6-foot-7, 245 pound TE Bucky Hodges? 

Bucky Hodges is a former 6’7″ quarterback that was converted to a wide-receiver. Last season he converted primarily as a hybrid tight-end where he looks to be drafted this April.



Huge target with tremendous catch range. 

Ability to rise up and over the top of most defenders at the high point. 

Can’t be intimidated run routes across the middle the field. 

Played all receiver positions and can play the slot and outside receiver on the next level.

Dangerous receiver running deep seam routes beating linebackers from line of scrimmage.

Ability to post a defender on his hip like a basketball player and usually defeat them. 

Will out leap everyone and be a extreme mismatch in the red zone. 

Tracks the ball exceptional and has speed to get the slightly overthrown balls. 

Simple mismatch for linebackers has to be covered by defensive backs.

Can identify coverage’s before starting his routes from his experience as a past quarterback. 

Ability and strength to out muscle defensive back with run blocking.



Still learning to play position after converting just three seasons ago

Never lined-up as a traditional tight end at scrimmage as a down blocker.      

Routes can be sabotaged by a physical defender in a press coverage do to his long stride.

Needs to hit route landmarks more quickly to give quarterback a timely, presentable target. 

Defaults to attempting to run through defender rather than effectively adjusting routes. 

Has struggled to difficult passes not on target.. 

Tends to use his body to corral catches instead of hands.

Extremely athletic but need to be able to react quicker after catching the ball for extra yardage.

May tend to get away with pushing off but will get flagged on the next level


How does he fit with the Rams?

The Rams has truly been without a true red-zone threat receiver in a long time. Hodges with his height, frame, body, length, and football intelligence, can give quarterback Jared Goff a huge target. His flexibility as an tight end to be able to lineup as a receiver will be great for mismatch all over the field. Don’t be surprised if the Rams select Hodges earlier than anticipated in the draft.


Draft Grade

3rd-4th Round


Player Comparison 

Devin Funchess





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