Downtown Rams Draft Profile: Western Kentucky OT/OG Forrest Lamp

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Our new massive series here at Downtown Rams will give you players that catch our eye. We will bring you bring you draft prospects, see where their fit is with the Rams and of course give you a player comparison

Who is Forrest Lamp?

He’s rising up the draft boards as you read this. Not only was he rated Pro Football Focus’ top offensive tackle last season, but now he is turning heads at the Senior Bowl. The 6-foot-4, 300 pound left tackle was a cornerstone for the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. As a two-star recruit out of high school, Lamp was forced to step up his game and he has ever since. In the video above, Lamp for the most part really holds his own against NFL defensive prospects. He played against Alabama, while his team was decimated, Lamp put a great game together. He is just a small school lineman looking to make it into the NFL. We have seen many of them. 



Prototypical guard size

Good hands 

Shoots hips into defender with ease


Perfect posture with his knees

Mauling run blocker

Can get to the second level run blocking


Quick feet 

Good balance



Lacks elite athleticism 

Lacks explosiveness

Mean streak could result in after whistle penalties

Average length


Injury History:

Minor leg injury in 2016


How does he fit the Rams?

For one, he’s an offensive lineman available in the draft for a team that has a big weakness on the line. Besides that fact Forrest Lamp could be a future Pro Bowler. He could become the new Rams left tackle if need be or he could move inside to guard where many players have found success. Even though his size is obviously that of a guard and the length is missing for an NFL LT, I believe Lamp would fit as the new LT. Here’s the deal with Lamp, he possesses great technical skills, balance and he is quick. Lamp went against legit future NFL talents in the SEC and he didn’t hesitate to stop them for the most part. Lamp at the next level could be a plug-in-play LT for the Rams. With that being said, the selection of Lamp could set the Rams up to move him inside and draft a true franchise LT in next year’s draft when they have a first rounder again…


Draft Grade: 

Late 1st round – 2nd round grade 


Player Comparison

Cody Whitehair

Forrest Lamp who is turning heads at the Senior Bowl practices already, compares to another man who did the same thing. Cody Whitehair, was great for the Chicago Bears in his rookie season and just like Lamp, he was a LT in college. Whitehair has the same issue Whitehair had coming into the league, he doesn’t have the length to be the ideal fit as a tackle. Whitehair ended up moving to center for the Bears, but the two compare to each other real well. Expect Lamp to have just as good of a rookie season and possibly even better depending on the fit. 






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