Browns Resigning Collins: Should Rams Make An Aggressive Offer?

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Last month, I published an article in reference of a middle line-backer that could potentially replace Alec Ogletree and positioning him back outside. Jamie Collins Sr. is just that linebacker that I felt could give a huge impact and upgrade to the Rams line-backing corps.


Collins was traded by the Patriots for a measley compensatory draft pick at the trade deadline, because head coach Bill Belichick had claimed his play had declined. It was rumored that Collins had been seeking for a new contract and wasn’t be rewarded in “good-faith” and subsequently his reward was being traded to the worst team in the NFL. The contentions of this trade may backfire in the Patriots faces, because Collins remains to play at a high caliber level and probably will seek even more millions for a new contract with negotiation leverage this off season.


Collins career numbers while he was a New England Patriot, the 6-foot-3, 250-pound line-backer totaled 285 tackles, 10.5 sacks, five interceptions, 10 forced fumbles, four fumble recoveries, one defensive touchdown and a blocked extra point.


His numbers this season playing in eight games as an Cleveland Brown, he totaled 69 tackles (48 solo), 2.0 sacks, and a forced fumble. Collins numbers while playing in the seven games as a Patriot he totaled 43 tackles (31 solo), 1.0 sack, 2.0 interceptions, 3.0 pass deflections, and 1.0 forced fumble. 


Collins 2016 combined team totals totaled 112 tackles (89 solo), 2.0 forced fumbles, 4.0 sacks, 3.0 pass deflections, and 2.0 interceptions. These stats would finished him only second in tackles to lead team by Alex Olgetree, and would have been the leader in all the other categories.


Since joining the Browns finishing (1-15) through a trade with the Super Bowl contending-Patriots nearly two months ago, Collins has registered 69 total tackles, including 48 solo stops, two sacks and one forced fumble over his seven starts.


Over his illustrious 4 year NFL career, Collins has now totaled 354 tackles, 12.5 sacks, five interceptions, 11 forced fumbles, four fumble recoveries, one defensive touchdown and a blocked extra point.


Collins notified the Browns that he would be interested in resigning with the team if the long term was good. Collins mentioned that he would test the market to seek double figures per year. Collins has mentioned that he seeks $12 per season for six years, but normal contracts are four to five years. The open market is listed at $11.7 million per season for Collins, would make him the highest paid line-backer in the league.


Strangely enough, just a couple of days ago, sources had reported that the Browns and Collins were nowhere near a deal. Since the hire of new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, perhaps he was able to get in Collins ear to take the offer or for the Browns to close on what he requested.  No question asked, Collins will thrive in Williams blitz happy defense and could potentially lead the league in sacks.


Should the Rams take a poke at Collins to sign and bring him in at $12.5 per season? I say YES! The Rams can use another veteran line-backer and someone who could strive under the regime of Wade Phillips. Rams has money to spend to get great players to get this team back as winners for the first time since 2005.

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