Possible McVay/Phillips ticket could make the Rams great again

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It’s starting to feel like the winds of change are coming in Los Angeles. Today as Adam Schefter reported if the Rams hire Redskins OC Sean McVay, it is likely that McVay would try to bring Wade Phillips on board.

For the many upon many that continue to disagree with hiring McVay because of his inexperience, this shows McVay is likely not trying to do too much. It’s very impressive that McVay wants an older more experience coach to advise him and help make his job easier. The nature of the beast often times is when a young coach takes on too much. McVay is a brilliant coach and he isn’t going to put too much of a work load on his back. 


What makes this “ticket” so great is the fact that McVay would ultimately be in charge with revamping the worst offense in football and Phillips would be in charge of maintaining and even improving upon an already pretty good defense. 


Phillips would likely be the Assistant HC for McVay and really show him the ropes, as a former HC himself who knows what it’s like to be in that situation. As far as Phillips philosophy as a Defensive Coordinator, if you are worried about his scheme change…First off, he runs a hybrid 3-4 mainly just a stand up pass rusher making it a 4-3 pretty much and secondly he’s had loads of success. During Phillips career which almost stretches four decades, he has coached 27 Pro Bowl players and had coached a top-10 defense 19 times. 


McVay recognizes it would be much easier to coach up this offense and build it back up if the defense could be even better. Phillips gives them that opportunity and then some. This isn’t a giant rebuild by any means, but the Rams can definitely use re-tooling on the offensive side of the ball and the ability to mold a better secondary. The cap room is definitely there for Phillips to go after OLB Shaquil Barrett from Denver and for McVay to target perhaps two veteran presences on offense in WR Pierre Garcon and TE Vernon Davis in whom he both worked with last year. 


What is even more interesting to think about is the idea that McVay and Phillips bring in some of their coaches they are connected with. Now, you start to assemble a new coaching staff and a new culture. This is what the Rams needed and it looks like as long as the 49ers don’t swoop in and steal McVay that he is likely the Rams next HC. Something else to chew on? Anthony Lynn as the possible Offensive Coordinator, working with McVay. Now that is how you turn around a debacle of a season. Let’s hope that’s what happens. 




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