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We at Downtown Rams are now in our sixth month with plenty to thank you all for. You the fans, Ramily, faithful and community have made our journey that much easier. Downtown Rams ascension is only beginning and it starts with you, the community.


It’s imperative to get a community going, it builds friendships, starts discussions and informs people in a way they can have fun doing it. With that being said we are proud to introduce our new forum page which you can access with the forum tab on our website. Or of course here:


Since many have asked, we now have about 60,000 total views since August 1st, the date this site was launched. We just want to thank you for achieving such a milestone. Of course, the work doesn’t stop there. We know there is still plenty to be done. You all of course can help us, by telling someone about us. Word of mouth is key for us to grow our brand and every time each and every one of you either talks about Downtown Rams in person or on social media it gets us one step closer to acquiring another reader.


Our mission here is to provide timely and efficient information on all Rams news while at the same time trying to provide the most unique humbly opinionated Rams content on the internet. That “mission” will never go away and to us that mission is never fully accomplished. There is always more to be done and that’s why we continue trying to give you the best and most versatile content on our website. 


For those of you who haven’t seen, we have a mobile app in which you can receive alerts to your phone of all articles posted. The mobile app is on IOS and Android here: 




We also have re-added the subscription box on our site. We have now made it so you can receive all new articles posted via email. 


We can’t stress enough how important our social media readers are. Some of you may not be linked to us on Facebook and Twitter so here are those links down below:




Lastly, we just want to repeatedly say thank you. You guys may know me as the guy who consistently shares his articles and tries to start discussion. However, at the beginning of last year I was just some college drop out that never really had a clue that any of you would like my writing. As a matter of fact if you don’t know my story, I originally wrote fanposts on Turf Show Times until Rams Wire of USA Today offered me a spot on their team. Because of the support I received from you guys, I felt like I could go out on my own. So starting this has been huge. I just want to thank you guys and my amazing friends and writers on my staff Blaine Grisak, who followed me over from Rams Wire and believed in my vision of Downtown Rams, Edward Henderson, who has showed me nothing, but love since before he became a writer for my site and Joshua Hardin, who was one of the first writers to join up and never left. I lastly would like to thank my cousin Adam Grego, for pushing me and motivating me to start my own website about the Rams. I can’t say for sure I ever would have started this without him.


With all that being said I wish you all a healthy, successful and exciting new year. We will be ready to amp out a killer new year and finish our first business year in the summer. Downtown Rams will be in full force for 2017 and we hope the same for the Los Angeles Rams.


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