Rams Stay or Go: Quarterbacks

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The Los Angeles Rams season is over and they have quite the offseason ahead of them. A new coach and potentially new general manager is just the beginning. They will have a good amount of personnel decisions to make as well.


As a starting point, we’ll take a look at each position and figure out which players will be back in 2017. Here we’ll take a look at the quarterbacks. You can look at the other positions by clicking the links below.


Running Backs|Wide Receivers|Tight Ends|Offensive Tackles


Jared Goff


The number one overall pick hasn’t impressed to say the least. In fact, he’s putting up worse numbers than Jamarcus Russell did in his rookie season. That’s not to say however that he hasn’t had his share of impressive moments.


The issue is, it’s nearly impossible to judge him with this coaching staff and in this scheme. The scheme is simply not offense friendly, Fisher was never able to develop offensive talent, and between Rob Boras and Chris Weinke, both were doing their current job for the first time. 


A new coach that is offensive minded should hopefully be able to not necessarily fix Goff, but put him in a position to succeed. Given that he was taken with the number one overall pick and the Rams did give up a large capital to get him, the former Cal quarterback will be back.


#BlaineVerdict: Stay


Case Keenum


Keenum played his part. He was the stopgap quarterback when the Rams needed him and did so well. Unfortunately his skillset and the system limited him.


Keenum isn’t under contract next year and it’s highly unlikely that they would re-sign him. Keenum is going to at the very least want to go somewhere he will have the chance to compete and given the fact that Goff is the man of the future with the Rams, that place isn’t L.A.


#BlaineVerdict: Go


Sean Mannion


In all honesty, the Rams don’t know what they have in Mannion. Aside from a few preseason games and a handful of throws in garbage time in the regular season, the Rams haven’t seen a lot from the Oregon State quarterback.


With that said, Mannion should get the chance to compete for a backup spot. It won’t be with Case Kennum, but the Rams would most likely bring someone in on the free agency market to compete with him. It could be a veteran guy like Tony Romo or even someone like RGIII.


The Rams will certainly bring Mannion back, but they’ll also be looking to bring someone in to at the very least compete with him. If Mannion shows what he has in the limited snaps that he’s taken, he’ll be the backup next season.


#BlaineVerdict: Stay



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