Thank You Jeff Fisher: A Letter To The Former Coach

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Dear Jeff,


You were fired yesterday, and yes, that was a good thing. The team accumulated a record of 31-45-1 in five years while you were in charge and and you tied the record for most losses by a head coach in NFL history. The Rams never won more than seven games, and you were stuck in mediocrity because quite frankly you are a head coach who is known for being mediocre.


While you were finally fired and over the last three years I wasn’t a huge fan of yours, I would like to say thank you. As fans, we may not want to admit it now, and maybe it’s better to wait until the dark cloud has passed over to look back on it. My point is, you did a lot for the Rams, and I am thankful.


You took over a franchise that was in one of it’s darkest states. They had won just two games the year before with Steve Spagnuolo and had won three games or less in four out of the last five years before your arrival. It was very possible to make the argument that the Rams were one of, if not the worst team in NFL history. 


You changed that. The Rams became relevant. You were never going to be the coach to bring the Rams a Super Bowl or maybe even take them to the playoffs. 


In the playoff run you are most known for, you made the Super Bowl because of a controversial lateral on a kickoff that was returned for a touchdown. 


With that said, you were the right coach to make them relevant again. Did you overstay your welcome? Probably. However, you won 14 games in two seasons when the team in the last five years had won just 15. 


Your most memorable wins came against a Super Bowl bound 49ers team, you swept the Seahawks which included a hard fought win in Seattle, and had many more wins that I may never forget. The back to back shut outs in 2014 are memorable as well. It wasn’t all good in your tenure, but it wasn’t all bad either. 


You didnt bring a lot of hope to the Rams in your last few years, but you also took over a team that had no hope to begin with. You will see fans that say they hate you or go to the upmost extreme and say they wish you were dead. I’m sure you’ll block those out.


Me on the other hand? I think you are overall a nice guy, just a bad football coach. You are someone I could enjoy a beer with and possibly even take fly fishing in the backwoods of Montana. 


Best of luck in your future endeavors. While this may be your last stop as a head coach in the NFL, I hope you get an opportunity in a front office position somewhere. 







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