Jeff Fisher's time in the NFL is up

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It’s official, if there was anyone supporting Rams Head coach Jeff Fisher before. There isn’t anyone now. Fisher has been labeled an “NFL ponzi scheme”, “most overrated coach in football”, “an average at best coach” and an “over the hill coach”. If he wanted the critics to go away, he was given a golden opportunity to turn around a franchise that hasn’t been to the playoffs in over 10 years as he heads back to Los Angeles with them.


Fisher, has not only let down the fanbase, but he has let down this talented team. For instance just look at the situation Jared Goff came into. His Head coach knows very little about the offensive side of the ball, his Offensive coordinator is the worst in football and his QB coach Chris Weinke was not only a bust at QB, but he literally just started as a coach in the NFL. Goff is in no position to be optimistic for his future. 


It’s beyond Goff, it’s beyond the coaching staff. Fisher has somehow found a way to have the Rams as a consistently below average team every year since he took over. Be honest. You were a little optimistic when the Rams went 7-8-1 in Fisher’s first year. Well, my question for you is why? Former HC Steve Spagnuolo turned around a 1-15 team in his second year and led the Rams to a 7-9 record which happens to be the most Jeff Fisher could do…and he’s had five seasons. Yes, Spags had a rough plunge into obscurity going 2-14 and being fired after his third season, but my point is Fisher hasn’t ousted Spags best season.


Fisher may have built a good team, but he’s run them into the ground. He is on record saying that he is not going to go 6-10, 7-9. 8-8. 9-7 or even 10-6 (which he would be jumping up and down if it happened at this point). Fisher instead is 4-6 and once again offers no hope for a fanbase that has to cling onto a 5% chance at the playoffs every time late in the year. \


The “fisherball” type of game style the Rams play with is just not working and won’t work in this day and age. The Rams lost last Sunday to a hot Miami Dolphins team even though the Rams defense held the Dolphins to one first down all game. Fisher’s conservative natured offense killed the Rams playoff hopes last week after the defense got too tired and blew a 10 point lead. 


This isn’t the first time Fisher has given up a game and it sure won’t be the last time…that is assuming he’s not fired. The real question is what does it take for Fisher to be fired? He’s a proven loser, don’t believe me? Look it up. He is four losses away from being the most losing coach in NFL history. Fisher now has to lead the Rams to likely a six-game winning streak to make the playoffs which he hasn’t done at all with the Rams. 


The Rams have to play Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints on the road, but it doesn’t stop there. They will go to Foxboro to play the New England Patriots in what is considered an automatic loss game playing on the road versus the Patriots in December. If the Rams somehow beat those teams they have to play Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons plus their two rival teams Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals. Yeah, it’s not happening…


Well, at least we have the draft to look forward too right? Wrong again. The Rams gave up the farm for a QB they will never develop with this regime in Los Angeles. That is not to say Goff is a bust, it’s to say he needs a legitimate coaching staff that can teach him the QB position and has the credentials to do so. 


If I was Stan Kroenke, Fisher would be fired if he loses Sunday in New Orleans. With a track record Fisher has, he almost surely would never have a shot at being a Head coach again. Fisher’s time is up in the NFL.


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