Jeff Fisher's Change of Heart… "Deja Vu"?

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The Rams head coach Jeff Fisher, has officially benched starting quarterback Case Keenum in favor of the Rams #1 overall draft pick Jared Goff. Fisher had reported that he had a gut feeling and that the time was right now, two days prior after stating that Keenum was still the starting quarterback and had played well against the Jets.


Despite of the recent change of opinion of Fisher’s decision to keep Keenum as starter, many have speculated, such as myself, that the head coach may have been given an ultimatum that he once faced while he was the head coach of the Tennessee Titans.  Fisher was directed to play quarterback Vince Young or else, in which Fisher refused and stuck with his decision. Owner Bud Adams decision was to release Young but retracted several days later where a mutual decision of Fisher resigning after 17 years with the organization.


One wonders now if “déjà vu” has struck again for Jeff Fisher! The VP of Operations Kevin Demoff or owner Stan Kroenke directed to Fisher to play Jared Goff or else? One wonders whether or not if Coach Fisher has humbled himself to protect his job in Los Angeles, where he has currently tied for the most losing coach in the NFL.


Only time will tell of the outcome of these decisions, but at the end of the day, many Rams fan will be seeing for the first time this season their number draft pick.  Take nothing away from Goff, it is a win/win situation for the fans because the era of the Case Keenum has come to an end.  Get behind this kid Goff, he will be exciting to watch for the years to come. However, if he falls, then back up plan Sean Mannion is lurking in the midst.


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