Mid-season comparison of Rams PFF grades to the beginning of the season: Offense edition

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 Many, including myself feel as though the 3-5 L.A. Rams have more talent than advertised. Here is a look back to September 22nd when I compared the Pro Football Focus grades of each Rams starter to the best player at each position. Now I am going to take what will be the second of three comparisons for the season. Of course just like last time PFF grades are subscription based. So what has changed since September according to PFF?


November 10th: QB: Case Keenum: PFF Grade: 49.9 Positional Grade: 29th

September 22nd QB: Case Keenum: PFF Grade: 50.9 Positional Grade: 30th

Differential: PFF Grade: +1 Positional Grade: +1


It’s obvious that the majority of Rams fans want Jared Goff or Sean Mannion at starting QB and looking at these consistently poor metrics, it’s no wonder why.


November 10th: RB: Todd Gurley: PFF Grade: 66.2 Positional Grade: 37th

September 22nd RB: Todd Gurley: PFF Grade: 70.7 Positional Grade: 14th

Differential: PFF Grade: -4.5 Positional Grade: -23


Todd Gurley is having a rough year thanks in part to his offensive line, but Gurley looks like he is lacking in an area that he excelled at last year. Vision. Gurley on tape has missed some serious holes, including one that costed him a touchdown in Detroit and might have ended up being enough to win the game.


November 10th: WR: Kenny Britt: PFF Grade: 79.9 Positional Grade: 18th

September 22nd WR: Kenny Britt: PFF Grade: 77.7 Positional Grade: 22nd

Differential: PFF Grade: +2.2 Positional Grade: +4


Kenny Britt looks to have provided the Rams with a consistent no.1 WR this season for the first time since 2011 with Brandon Lloyd. Britt is 18th in the league in receiving and was even 11th coming into the bye.


November 10th: WR: Brian Quick: PFF Grade: 74.9 Positional Grade: 40th 

September 22nd WR: Brian Quick: PFF Grade: 51.8 Positional Grade: 88th

Differential: PFF Grade: +23.1 Positional Grade: +48


Brian Quick’s resurgence has been a breath of fresh air for the L.A. Rams. He has provided the Rams with their go-to deep threat. Quick has improved significantly since the beginning of the season.


November 10th: WR: Tavon Austin: PFF Grade: 66.5 Positional Grade: 76th

September 22nd WR: Tavon Austin: PFF Grade: 42.6 Positional Grade: 110th

Differential: PFF Grade: +23.9 Positional Grade: +34


Tavon Austin has struggled and he is now in uncharted territory to where many people and I thought he would be coming off that big contract he got in the offseason. Austin is fourth on the team in receiving behind Britt, Quick and even Lance Kendricks. 


November 10th: TE: Lance Kendricks: PFF Grade: 67.1 Positional Grade: 26th

September 22nd TE: Lance Kendricks: PFF Grade: 67.1 Positional Grade: 26th

Differential: PFF Grade: 0 Positional Grade: 0


Lance Kendricks has been consistently average for the Rams this season. He is exactly what this Rams offense has needed, especially over boom or bust ex-Ram Jared Cook. 


November 10th: TE: Tyler Higbee: PFF Grade: 47.5 Positional Grade: 57th

September 22nd TE: Tyler Higbee: PFF Grade: 45.9 Positional Grade: 51st

Differential: PFF Grade: +1.6 Positional Grade: +14


Tyler Higbee hasn’t quite been used the way any of us expected, but he finally got involved a little bit more in the passing game this past Sunday. Hopefully that is the plan moving forward.


November 10th: LT: Greg Robinson: PFF Grade: 38.9 Positional Grade: 69th

September 22nd LT: Greg Robinson: PFF Grade: 40.6 Positional Grade: 62nd

Differential: PFF Grade: -2.3 Positional Grade: -7


Greg Robinson is a safe pick to call a bust. He has completely decimated QB’s he has been in charge of protecting and even his own teammates. In reality everyone on the Rams Offensive line seems to be playing average or a little below average. Robinson has been notoriously terrible and it’s hurting the whole line.


November 10th: LG: Rodger Saffold: PFF Grade: 68.6 Positional Grade: 52nd

September 22nd LG: Rodger Saffold: PFF Grade: 79.2 Positional Grade: 5th

Differential: PFF Grade: -10.6 Positional Grade: -47


Rodger Saffold started off strong and looked like the missing piece from last season’s Offensive line. However, as the year as moved on it has become clear that Saffold’s play is hindered by the man to the left of him and that is Robinson. 


November 10th: C: Tim Barnes: PFF Grade: 73.3 Positional Grade: 27th

September 22nd C: Time Barnes: PFF Grade: 45.5 Positional Grade: 28th

Differential: PFF Grade: +27.8 Positional Grade: +1


Tim Barnes is not a very good center at all, but he has improved his play. The Rams could still use an upgrade in the offseason though.


November 10th: RG: Cody Wichmann: PFF Grade: 65.7 Positional Grade: 56th

September 22nd RG: Cody Wichmann: PFF Grade: 45.1 Positional Grade: 62nd

Differential: PFF Grade: +20.6 Positional Grade: +6


Cody Wichmann has started the majority of the season due to a Jamon Brown injury riddled season again. Brown is the more talented lineman as such, but Wichmann, who started the season the starter has been in to fill for Brown. 


November 10th: RT: Rob Havenstein: PFF Grade: 77.5 Positional Grade: 28th

September 22nd RT: Rob Havenstein PFF Grade: 49.7 Positional Grade: 48th

Differential: PFF Grade: 27.8 Positional Grade: +20


Rob Havenstein could be coming back into his own, that remains to be seen but he has signifcantly improved since the beginning of the year and that could have to do with the fact Havenstein was battling a foot injury and as such was unable to practice much in the offseason. It looks like Havenstein has wiped off the rust and is ready to go back to his impressive rookie form.


Overall the offense has been very inconsistent and that falls on the Quarterback and the Offensive line. Saffold, Robinson and Gurley are the only ones that have regressed in the PFF grading department. As far as everyone else besides Kendricks, who stayed the same grade. Everyone improved, now the Rams need to continue to do that and win this Sunday in New York or their season could very well be over.

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