NFL Head Coaches I Would Take Over Jeff Fisher

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It’s no secret that Jeff Fisher is one of the worst head coaches in the NFL and if you dont think so then you haven’t been watching the Rams for the last five years. After a 3-1 start that left some fans hopelessly hopeless in hoping that the Rams could make a playoff run, the team is back in Jeff Fisher land at 3-5, a record they have been at 4 times in Jeff Fisher’s now five years.


Fisher has had five years to build something and has failed to do so. You could say that is some 7-9 B.S. and that SOSAR is in full effect. Cue the Jeff Fisher extension.


Below I made a list of all the NFL head coaches I would take over Jeff Fisher. I’ll be diving in NFL coordinators and college coaches shortly, don’t worry. Now, this isn’t necessarily a list of coaches I believe will coach the Rams, but more so just a standing of where Jeff Fisher lies with the rest of the NFL head coaches. 


Obviously (6)


Bill Belichick, Patriots

Pete Carroll, Seahawks

Sean Payton, Saints

Mike Tomlin, Steelers

Bruce Arians, Cardinals

Mike Zimmer, Vikings


Do I need much explaining here? Belichick has his Super Bowls as well as Carroll, Payton, and Tomlin. Meanwhile, backup quarterbacks and all, Arians and Zimmer are two of the best coaches in the NFL and have two of the best coached teams. I’d do crazy things to get any of these guys to coach the Rams.


Definitely (5)


Ron Rivera, Panthers

Mike McCarthy, Packers

John Harbaugh, Ravens

Andy Reid, Chiefs

Gary Kubiak, Broncos


Still some very solid resumes here. All five have been to Super Bowls and all but Reid and Rivera have won Super Bowls. They aren’t quite in the elite category, but I’d still easily take them over Fisher.


Close, but I’d Still Take Them Over Fisher (4)


Jay Gruden, Redskins

Todd Bowles, Jets

Bill O’Brien, Texans

Jack Del Rio, Raiders


Not as impressive names here. In fact there is quite a drop off. However, you have to like what Gruden has done in DC with the little that he’s had. He turned Kirk Cousins into a franchise quarterback, won the NFC East, all while being hampered by RGIII drama and no draft picks. The jury is still out for Bowles and O’Brien took a Brian Hoyer lead offense to the playoffs. He may do the same with Brock Osweiler also known as this year’s Nick Foles.


Some Potential (4)


Dan Quinn, Falcons
Mike McCoy, Chargers

Adam Gase, Dolphins

Chip Kelly, 49ers


It looks like Quinn may have finally figured it out in Atlanta and be in charge of a serious NFC contender with the Falcons. McCoy may get fired in San Diego and Miami is a mess, but that was already the case in both places. Can you imagine Todd Gurley and Tavon Austin in a Chip Kelly offense? It would be exciting for a year before the Rams defense runs out of gas, but at least we’d get some excitement and have some potential. I’ll take things that Jeff Fisher doesn’t have for 500.


Rookies (2)


Hue Jackson, Browns

Doug Pederson, Eagles


The Browns may be 0-9, but Jackson has made Cody Kessler look like an NFL quarterback and Terrell Pryor an NFL receiver. There’s some serious potential there. Doug Pederson is a carbon copy of Andy Reid and with some more experience could be a good NFL head coach.


What’s the Difference? (6)


Marvin Lewis, Bengals

Rex Ryan, Bills

Jim Caldwell, Lions

John Fox, Bears

Chuck Pagano, Colts

Jason Garrett, Cowboys


Marvin Lewis is average and has never won a playoff game. Rex Ryan will live off of Mark Sanchez’s championship game runs forever. John Fox had a run in Carolina but inherited Peyton Manning in Denver only to get blown out in the Super Bowl. Things are now a mess in Chicago. Chuck Pagano can’t win with Andrew Luck and Jason Garrett may some day tie Jeff Fisher for most 8-8 seasons as a head coach.


Okay Fisher…I guess I’ll Keep You…(4)


Mike Mularkey, Titans

Gus Bradley, Jaguars

Ben McAdoo, Giants

Dirk Koetter, Buccaneers


These are four of the worst head coaches in the NFL that I might actually keep Fisher over them. The Titans dont have a future with Mularkey. Bradley has leveled off in Jacksonville. and I’d just hate to be the Giants and Buccaneers right now.


Where does this leave Jeff Fisher?


Well this leaves Fisher at the bottom of the barrel. Id take Fisher over four head coaches in the NFL….FOUR. As bad as the “Whats the difference category” would be, Id still take them over Fisher. It’s time to move on. 


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