Rams Hidden truths: LT Greg Robinson dominated Ezekiel Ansah last week, is he finding his rhythm?

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Hold on, did Greg Robinson turn the corner last week? Well, it might be a little too early to say but wow was Robinson impressive. So, I admit I had to watch the tape twice to really notice the job Robinson was doing but part of the reason for QB Case Keenum having his best game of possibly his career was because his clean pocket. His clean pocket was in part because of Robinson shutting down one of the best edge rushers in the game, Ezekiel Ansah. 


One stat Pro Football Focus pointed out was when Keenum has 2.6 seconds or more to throw the ball he has a passer rating of 106.4 which is good for eighth in the NFL. However, when Keenum has 2.5 seconds or less to throw he has a passer rating of 76.6 which is good for 31st. Robinson in part was responsible for both scenarios this year but he was on the positive side last week versus the Lions. 


Watch Robinson in this game tape montage LeCharles Bentley (his OL mentor in the off-season) put together from last week’s dominant performance. 

Look at the aggression Robinson shows on film in this game. I don’t recall ever seeing him look like that for a full consistent game. He’s shown flashes here and there but those would ultimately get outweighed by the duds he had in pass protection. Robinson showed some serious technique and ability to not over pursue and whiff on the big impact block. There is no denying Robinson has been a bust to this point but if he is finding his stride he can turn around his career. There is still time!


Robinson looked pitiful in L.A. two weeks ago versus the Bills but he bounced back versus the Lions in a big way. Giants fans may want to slow their roll on the narrative of Olivier Vernon dominating Robinson this Sunday. While it could happen, it’s not likely Robinson is going to fall off after shutting down a more dominate defensive end last week. If Robinson plays like he did last week the Giants pass rush could get stone-walled and lead to another impressive offensive showing for Keenum. 


Looking at Robinson’s upcoming schedule would give him a serious chance to show if his game versus Ansah was a fluke or not.


Week 7: Vs. Olivier Vernon (Giants)

Week 9: Vs. Kony Ealy (Panthers)

Week 10 Vs. Sheldon Richardson (Jets)

Week 11 Vs. Mario Williams (Dolphins)

Week 12 Vs. Cameron Jordan (Saints)

Week 13 Vs. Jabaal Sheard (Patriots)

Week 14 Vs. Vic Beasley Jr. (Falcons)

Week 15 Vs. Michael Bennett (Seahawks) 

Week 16 Vs. Aaron Lynch (49ers)

Week 17 Vs. Chandler Jones (Cardinals)


Hopefully G-Rob has hit his stride because this list upcoming has already combined for 20 sacks on the year. 






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