Former retired Rams WR Mark Clayton is now running his own wireless headphone business

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Sam Bradford’s old favorite target the Rams traded the Ravens to get has been out of football for a bit. Now he is running his own start-up company “LIVV” according to Sports Illustrated.


LIVV is a brand of wireless headphones that are designed purposely for athletes like himself. Clayton has taken his previous struggles during practices and pre-games of the hardships of keeping headphones on while going throughout his warm-ups. Now he is looking to offer a remedy for those hardships his new wireless headphones. 


With Livv’s headphone perks being a 40mm dynamic driver sound production, it being wireless, bluetooth, noise reducing, eight gigabytes of memory and the fact it’s water resistant, the headphone has plenty to offer. It is of course over-ear and has a thinner band to stay on your head comfortably while you do activities and the cool thing about the eight gigabytes of memory is that you can literally put songs in your headphones if you happen to leave your phone or Ipod at home. 


Regardless of how long he was a member of the Rams, Clayton still played his heart out and offered a great veteran presence for the rookie Bradford and the same alma-mater too (Oklahoma). It’s nice to see the 34-year old Clayton healthy and not suffering through serious post-NFL injuries, retired and finally enjoying the second-half of his life in trying to take an idea and make it a business to provide a better alternative to what product is out there.


If this a product you would be interested in buying Clayton’s site LIVV has these for $349.00 here.


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