Fisher: "Jared (Goff) & Sean (Mannion) are ready to play, And right now I"m enjoying Case (Keenum) under center"

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Say it ain’t so! Sorry but, it’s an official quote from the Head coach of the Los Angeles Rams Jeff Fisher. Case Keenum has been playing average and sometimes below average football at the most important position but, some how finds himself at the helm of a 3-2 football team. The full quote comes from an interview of Jeff Fisher with ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez 


Rams coach Jeff Fisher was asked by Lions reporters about his plan for Jared Goff. “He’s getting better every week,” Fisher said. “He’s proven since he got here. Had a really good offseason; I was pleased with his training camp. He and Case (Keenum) and Sean (Mannion) are getting along great. Jared and Sean, rather, are ready to play. And right now I’m enjoying Case under center. That’s the most important thing. But Jared is coming along. He’s everything we thought he was going to be, and time will tell. No timetable as far as that’s concerned.”


That’s a little concerning to me that the Head coach said he’s “enjoying Case under center”. I don’t just have a pick on Keenum, no I actually am trying really hard to accept that he’s the starter. However, the issue is the fact he’s just not very good. He’s only completing 57.9% of his passes and he’s thrown more interceptions than touchdowns including two of his five interceptions being pick-six’s. Could Goff be worse? Absolutely, but the fact of the matter is he isn’t learning anything on the bench watching Keenum on the field. 


At some point as a Head coach you need to make a change when your offense is tied for 31st in points scored. If you just admitted that Jared is ready then why isn’t he the starter for this Sunday? Fisher’s love for Keenum seems to be ridiculous. What else he said about Goff in the fact “He’s everything we thought he was going to be, and time will tell” is just irritating. Fisher says time will tell but, he’s the only one in the way of the NFL fans and Rams fans seeing him play. 


For a team that is 3-2 and very much in the playoff race as a contender. It seems to crazy to be okay with making your team worse because if Goff doesn’t play then in the short term the Rams are just missing out on all those players they could have had, had they not traded away them all for a player who is not playing. As I see it with a QB starting and putting up extremely average or below average numbers it’s time to let the guy you spent your whole draft on in Jared Goff. Stop telling us how good he looks, show us Fish!





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