Don't over-think it, It's time to start rookie QB Jared Goff

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Alright Jeff Fisher, you have made every one of us sit through five Rams games with a team ready to make the playoffs led by a 28-year-old veteran journeyman QB in Case Keenum who has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. It’s officially time to someone else a shot. 


Keenum has been cringe-worthy at times but the Rams kept on winning with their three game winning streak. You can’t switch QB’s when the team is winning right? Well, actually it’s worth mentioning that the owner of the Cowboys Jerry Jones said that Tony Romo will be the starter when he comes back from his injury despite how well the young rookie QB Dak Prescott has played. Hmmm…so what about Fisher? After the loss to the Bills he said this on Keenum “He made some good decisions today. Quick decisions and good throws.” 


Oh boy. First off he made some horrible decisions, he’s not quick at making decisions at all and his throws were putrid. This should worry the latter the fact Fisher is talking up Keenum after he just played a bad game and was one of the big reasons the Rams lost. Well, it shouldn’t normally have to when you have the back-ups the Rams have at QB. The thing that should scare you is the fact Fisher has stayed committed to a player who is average at best and is either the worst starter on the Rams or the second-worst behind Greg Robinson. 


It’s time to start Jared Goff. You drafted the kid out of California no.1 overall and sacrificed the majority of the 2016 draft and more to pick him. Yes, he is 21-years old and the history with 21-year old QB’s has been very unsuccessful. However, Goff is not sitting behind some transcendent player. He’s sitting behind Case Keenum who he might already be a better QB then. Goff and L.A. fans have been forced to sit and watch the likes of rookie sensation Carson Wentz (the QB the Rams passed on) look like a future franchise QB, Dak Prescott, a fourth-round pick look like one as well and that’s not all. Rookie quarterbacks Paxton Lynch, Jacoby Brissett and Cody Kessler have all made their starting debuts. 


Goff struggled in preseason but everyone seems to forget Wentz did too. Goff threw touchdown passes and Wentz threw one interception then broke his ribs but, who started week one and continues to look like a top flight QB? Wentz. Anyone who knows me, knows I have been all for Wentz as the no.1 QB in this class however, I liked Goff and I think the Rams are just flat out making the wrong decision in not letting him play. Goff only had one drive in preseason with the first-team and led them down the field for a touchdown. That was also not the entire first-team either as WR Tavon Austin, RB’s Todd Gurley and Benny Cunningham were absent.


Goff is not a perfect prospect by any means and looks like he could have a fumbling issue early on but here’s the deal. Overall I think Goff can make all the throws to put the Rams in position to win a game like yesterday. I think Goff hits Brian Quick in stride on that throw that Keenum missed. I think Goff would be more respected by the defense and open up the running game even more with Gurley. Lastly I think Goff, struggled getting rid of the ball and “living to play another down” might be bad at that but Keenum is just as bad and maybe worse. 


When fully healthy this defense proved three weeks in a row they can carry Case Keenum to the finish line. Imagine what could happen if Goff came in and just played average. Right now the jury is out Keenum has more interceptions than touchdowns so he has proven that the one thing to keep Goff on the bench for (ball security) Keenum can’t even do himself. I orginally predicted Goff to start after the bye week nine and I stand by that happening but what I think is that Goff should start this Sunday and Mannion should get a chance to be the backup. 


All I know is this, Fisher said he wasn’t going 7-9, 8-8, 9-7 or even 10-6 but if Keenum stays the go-to-guy at QB they are destined to go 8-8 especially with CB Trumaine Johnson’s ankle injury and the three defensive lineman battling injuries. Keenum can win when everything is going according to plan and there are no injuries on the defense but the fact of the matter is that injuries are part of the game and it’s not realistic to assume you aren’t going to get them. Playing a below-average starter in Keenum when you have a first-round and third-round pick is not a real choice.


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