According to S Donte Whitner he was offered deal with Rams but didn't take it

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The Rams opened up the 2016 looking like a team in dire need of Safety help. They didn’t disagree, back in May and it looked as though S Donte Whitner was going to be a Ram. So Whitner ended up not taking a deal the Rams had offered. Finally the mystery of why Whitner never became a Ram is over. 

 So one can assume Whitner has a hefty price tag on himself and teams aren’t willing to give him that. Whitner would have been a nice addition for the young Rams but, now it seems its extremely unlikely he ever joins the team. Why is that you might ask, it’s in part due to the Safety production the Rams have received out of young starting FS Mo Alexander and backup Safety Cody Davis. Now if starting SS T.J. McDonald is unable to play due to legal matters then Whitner might become a Ram. However for now, it’s not smart to put your bets on Whitner donning his no.31 jersey in L.A, because Alexander owns that number and the position for now.  

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