The Rams should monitor and consider bringing in WR Josh Gordon if released

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Josh Gordon is the ultra talented WR that has become a household name for more reasons than just the fact he is clearly a very good football player. No, Gordon can’t seem to keep his head on straight and for that reason a once elite looking career has gone downhill. Gordon recently checked himself into rehab and now we don’t know what to think about his future as he was just about to come off a suspension. The Browns Head coach Hue Jackson announced that the Browns have moved on from Josh Gordon. So what does this mean for Gordon


Gordon is set to come off his suspension but, he’s in rehab. How long could rehab last for Gordon and could this be a career ending thing for a still 25-year old WR oozing talent. I don’t think this is the end of Gordon but, it’s definitely the end of Gordon on the Browns. Can you blame Cleveland? Not really, they held onto him just as I continue to do on my fantasy football team. Why won’t I let go? Well, I don’t think Gordon is over for his career and I will take that a step further and say I don’t think Gordon is done this season. 


There is a team by the name of the Los Angeles Rams that don’t have a no.1 WR and it’s been a problem for their offense that ranks last in the NFL. Now this is not to dismiss Gordon having problems because he seriously has some problems but, if things check out in rehab the Rams should 100 percent give him a look. Speaking of off-the-field issue ridden player, remember CB Janoris Jenkins? Ah, sure you do! The Rams drafted him in the second-round of the 2012 draft, they signed Auburn headcase WR Duke Williams to a contract this offseason, they drafted CB Trumaine Johnson, WR Chris Givens, they just signed a guy that was dubbed as a “cancer” in the Patriots locker room DT Dominique Easley and just drafted a TE Tyler Higbee who was arrested right before the draft. What do all these guys have in common well they are all players that the regime in L.A. now took chances on due to talent trumping character concerns and for the most part almost all of them paid off. 


What makes Josh Gordon any different? The Rams clearly need a big-play WR and if Gordon becomes available as a free agent this could be a gift for the Rams. Just imagine Gordon comes back this season out of rehab signs with the Rams and then is put on the same WR corps as Kenny Britt, Tavon Austin, Pharoh Cooper, Nelson Spruce, Brian Quick and Bradley Marquez. Now all the sudden that group of WRs looks a lot better than before. Who cares if Case Keenum is the QB or not go back and watch highlights of WR Brandon Lloyd diving and sliding all over the field and making crazy catches from horrible passes thrown by Kellen Clemens and A.J. Feeley. That would be Gordon with Keenum but probably not even as bad as what Lloyd dealt with. 


So say it doesn’t work in L.A.? What’s the big deal then? Basically it’s just proven that Gordon can no longer play football in the NFL and would subsequently end his career. How would that effect the Rams? Well, they would be bummed but it would be an “oh well” moment. Kind of like when the Rams gave ex-Lions WR Titus Young a shot. They signed him, then realized he wasn’t mentally stable so then they cut him and he would never play in the NFL again. It’s that simple… Jeff Fisher is a players coach and say what you want about him but he somehow kept guys like Janoris Jenkins who had a rap sheet the size of a skyscraper out of trouble and the success came on the field along with it.


I could be completely wrong about Gordon and him re-vitalizing his career but, make no mistake there is no harm in monitoring Gordon’s situation and giving him a shot if the Rams deem it necessary. This could ultimately be a Hollywood story no one expected.



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