Five Rams to watch for this Sunday @ Arizona Cardinals

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photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Rams


This Sunday the Rams head to Arizona where has been the only place the Rams have been able to upend the Cardinals over the last five contests. Here are the five players on the Rams you need to watch out for this Sunday.


MLB Alec Ogletree

He may not want to admit it but this game will bring some flashbacks to last season where Ogletree himself lost his season to an injury sustained on week four, versus the Cardinals and at University of Phoenix Stadium. Yup all of those are in play this week but Ogletree returns as a Middle linebacker and is ready to take the league by storm at his new position.


He has really played well and obviously the MLB should be a player to watch but Ogletree isn’t just any ordinary MLB. 


RB Todd Gurley 

We mentioned the bad about last year but the good? Todd Gurley started his first NFL game and completely broke out leading the Rams to a 24-22 victory. This week Gurley comes in ready to get going, he had two touchdowns last week but his yards per carry wasn’t anything to brag about. Gurley needs to have himself a “Gurley type game” for the Rams to win and that is why attentions should be steered at no.30. 


WR Pharoh Cooper 

I believe he is making his debut as well as Nelson Spruce however, I think the Rams are going to give Cooper a bigger role early on so he nabs our top five list of players to watch. Cooper would replace WR Brian Quick who scored the Rams first TD of 2016 but, Quick isn’t really fit to play the slot WR role the way Cooper is. 


Make no mistake no.10 is going to be exciting to watch and while he has fallen behind that could all go away with a jump-start to his career this sunday. 


DT Aaron Donald 

We are well aware Donald should always be watched but Donald should especially be watched this Sunday. He is leading the NFL in QB pressures with 17 but doesn’t have a sack and he’s pissed about it. Don’t believe us? Ask Michael Brockers! A pissed off Donald never bodes well for an opposing offense. Now with the way DE Robert Quinn has come back into the spotlight teams will have to pick their poison in which player they double team. Either way you could be picking wrong. 


CB E.J. Gaines

It’s really starting to look like E.J. Gaines will play in Arizona in a game that could put the Rams at 3-1. Gaines seriously has had a rough start to 2016 recovering from a lisfranc injury has led to his conditioning being not quite the status he or the coaches have wanted. Of course that affected him when he started dealing with a quad injury. Gaines, if he is back will start alongside CB Trumaine Johnson. The Rams are playing an opponent that can toss the field down the ball at will. This was the week if any to bring Gaines into the fold.


Who are your top 5 players to watch this Sunday? Let us know!


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