Jared Goff is coming and Case Keenum should be worried

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Now even though the Rams are 2-1 for the first time since 2006, their starting QB Case Keenum isn’t exactly guaranteed to start the whole season.


The Rams have been grooming their guy that they invested the farm to acquire. Jared Goff went two straight weeks backing up Keenum. That should tell you Goff is close and the plan might be what I’ve been saying all along. Goff is going to start after the bye week. Keenum gives you better decision making and veteran presence Goff won’t have. However, Goff gives you the arm, the ability to stretch the field and throw bucket throws to give the receiver a chance to finish the play in the end zone. Keenum significantly underthrows the majority of his passes and shows sometime to give up on a play.


Here’s what we know about Goff… He has shown flashes that he can succeed if the game slows down for him. He has ability to be the Rams franchise Quarterback but his lack of experience with a pro offense and his mentality is the question mark that could derail him from being the guy. His stats in the preseason came out to be 22 of 49 passes completed for 232 yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions and three fumbles. It is worth nothing though that the one time Goff received first team reps with all the starters (except for RB Todd Gurley). Goff led the Rams down the field on an over 50 yard drive that was capped off with a touchdown pass to WR Kenny Britt showing his zip that he could put on the ball. That’s it, that’s all we saw with Goff and all the one’s. 


In part I blame the lack of getting Goff and Mannion as well in more situations with the higher quality starters. We saw Goff show flashes but we also saw Goff struggle with zero production out of his receivers. Brian Quick had some huge drops, rookie Mike Thomas was a complete drive killer as well as UDFA Duke Williams. So yes, Goff did show flashes and showed that he could struggle but what’s really weird is this.


Carson Wentz who I have said over and over again was the QB we should have picked. Well, forget about that for a second and go back to Wentz’s preseason. Wentz went 12 of 24 passes completed, 89 yards, no touchdowns, one interception and one fumble. This is the same guy who is rated the no.1 QB in Pro Football Focus grades, leading the Eagles to a 3-0 start heading into the bye week, and is on pace to break Tom Brady’s record for most completions without throwing the first interception of their career. Wentz is flying high right now but, remember in preseason he had a mediocre showing and was injured and didn’t play in preseason again. 


Maybe the narrative that Goff is far from ready is wrong. Keenum doesn’t look great out there and honestly wasn’t all that impressive versus the Buccaneers. Fisher is known for waiting on rookies. DT Aaron Donald who is the best interior defensive lineman in the league started out on the bench until Fisher turned him loose week six of the 2014 season. Gurley didn’t start at RB until week four of the 2015 season. Week nine would be the week after the bye. Fisher knows if he switches to Goff he will have to agree to not have Goff looking over his shoulder as in he is the guy no matter what. I think Fisher wants to wait until he has a week to prepare Goff as the starter and the bye week makes sense for that reason. 


Regardless how long it takes Goff to get the start, if he keeps suiting up as the backup Keenum is an injury away from putting Goff in the game. We know if Goff gets in any way possible he isn’t coming out. Rams fans be happy about the 2-1 start but realize Keenum is not the sole reason and that Goff could be starting sooner than later.


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