Downtown Rams NFL Pickem: Week 3

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Here at Downtown Rams we are looking forward to picking every game every week of the NFL season. With that being said here are our panels records and picks for week two.


Jake Ellenbogen: 22-10

Blaine Grisak: 17-15

Josh Hardin 18-14

Lorenzo Munoz 20-12


(2-0) Houston Texans vs. (2-0) New England Patriots

Coming into this game the story won’t be the fact these are two undefeated teams but, indeed the fact the Patriots are starting their rookie QB Jacoby Brissett and that the Texans have a fierce defense that could give him fits all night. Regardless who starts for the Patriots it’s important to realize it’s the Patriots and it’s not smart to count them out at home no less. Brock Osweiler seems to have this team rolling on the offensive side of the ball and it’s worth noting he is 1-0 vs. the Patriots but it’s going to be up to the Texans defense. 

Winner: (Texans 3 Patriots 1)

Jake Ellenbogen: New England Patriots

Blaine Grisak: Houston Texans

Josh Hardin: Houston Texans

Lorenzo Munoz: Houston Texans


(1-1) Arizona Cardinals vs. (0-2) Buffalo Bills

One team is fighting for their season and the other is fighting for a division lead. The Bills lost valiantly last week versus the Jets 37-31 and now this week they find themselves desperate to get in the win column. The Cardinals on the other hand are coming off a game in which they blew out Tampa Bay 40-7. This could have the Cardinals on upset alert. The Bills are known for winning games against better teams could the David take down the Goliath?

Winner: (Cardinals 3 Bills 1)

Jake Ellenbogen: Arizona Cardinals

Blaine Grisak: Arizona Cardinals

Josh Hardin: Buffalo Bills

Lorenzo Munoz: Arizona Cardinals


(1-1) Oakland Raiders vs. (1-1) Tennessee Titans

The Titans won an absolute thriller last week on the road, the Raiders on the other hand blew a home game versus the Falcons. Titans are riding high going home at 1-1 and a chance to go 2-1 early on the season with the division not out of the question. Will the Raiders defense show up? That is the key to their whole game.

Winner: (Titans 2 Raiders 2)

Jake Ellenbogen: Tennessee Titans

Blaine Grisak: Oakland Raiders

Josh Hardin: Oakland Raiders

Lorenzo Munoz: Tennessee Titans 


(0-2) Cleveland Browns vs. (0-2) Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are perhaps the best looking 0-2 team in the league and having lost close games to the Patriots and Seahawks they might just blow out the Browns. The Browns are starting rookie QB Cody Kessler who could surprise many. The pressure is on as he is the guy the Browns took instead of picking Carson Wentz at no.2.

Winner: (Miami Dolphins unanimously)

Jake Ellenbogen: Miami Dolphins

Blaine Grisak: Miami Dolphins

Josh Hardin: Miami Dolphins

Lorenzo Munoz: Miami Dolphins


(2-0) Baltimore Ravens vs. (0-2) Jacksonville Jaguars

The Ravens have taken advantage of an easy opening schedule going undefeated to start. The Jaguars on the other hand lost a close game to the Packers and got blown out by the Chargers. This has got to be it for Jacksonville if they can’t pick up the ‘W’ here.

Winner: (Jacksonville Jaguars unanimously)

Jake Ellenbogen: Jacksonville Jaguars

Blaine Grisak: Jacksonville Jaguars

Josh Hardin: Jacksonville Jaguars

Lorenzo Munoz: Jacksonville Jaguars


(1-1) Detroit Lions vs. (1-1) Green Bay Packers

The Lions look to put the crumbing Packers on upset alert. Unfortunately they will be without RB Ameer Abdullah who will miss the rest of the season. The Packers on the other side have their CB Sam Shields fighting concussions. Aaron Rodgers is trying to get this offense going and the Lions are trying to give the Packers their finishing blow. 

Winner: (Green Bay Packers unanimously)

Jake Ellenbogen: Green Bay Packers

Blaine Grisak: Green Bay Packers

Josh Hardin: Green Bay Packers

Lorenzo Munoz: Green Bay Packers


(2-0) Denver Broncos vs. (1-1) Cincinnati Bengals

One of the better games of the week goes against two teams that always play eachother tough. The Broncos are trying to get their offense going but their defense is the best in all of football so that will be a tough task for Andy Dalton and company. Matchup to watch: A.J. Green vs. Aqib Talib…

Winner: (Broncos 2 Bengals 2)

Jake Ellenbogen: Denver Broncos

Blaine Grisak: Denver Broncos
Josh Hardin: Cincinnati Bengals

Lorenzo Munoz: Cincinnati Bengals


(2-0) Minnesota Vikings vs. (1-1) Carolina Panthers

The Sam Bradford era in Minnesota started off with what many would call the “best case scenario” at least for Bradford’s play. The news geared more to star RB Adrian Peteson who tore his meniscus and is going to miss some serious playing time. On the flip side of the coin the Panthers are without their running back as well in Jonathan Stewart. In a a matchup between the 2011 no.1 overall pick and the 2010 no.1 overall pick. Who will prevail? Bradford lost the last time he played the Panthers in Carolina and the time before that suffered a dreaded torn ACL. Bradford looks to win in Carolina this go around.

Winner: (Panthers 3 Vikings 1)

Jake Ellenbogen: Minnesota Vikings

Blaine Grisak: Carolina Panthers

Josh Hardin: Carolina Panthers

Lorenzo Munoz: Carolina Panthers


(2-0) New York Giants vs. (0-2) Washington Redskins

The Giants are off to a great start, the Redskins…not so much. The Redskins are trying to bounce back in a hurry. They could completely fall out of the NFC Easy race with a loss this Sunday. Kirk Cousins is playing on the franchise tag so the Redskins could be playing for their collective future. 

Winner: (New York Giants unanimously)

Jake Ellenbogen: New York Giants

Blaine Grisak: New York Giants

Josh Hardin: New York Giants

Lorenzo Munoz: New York Giants


(1-1) Los Angeles Rams vs. (1-1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Cardinals violently put a beatdown on the Bucs. Jameis Winston can’t be too happy and he is looking to take it out on the Rams this Sunday. In this head-head matchup the Rams have won the last four meetings. The Rams are coming off a huge win against their rival Seattle Seahawks in their first regular season game back at the Coliseum in over 20 years. The Rams are still hunting for the end zone since they haven’t reached that once this regular season. 

Winner: (Rams 3 Buccaneers 1)

Jake Ellenbogen: Los Angeles Rams

Blaine Grisak: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Josh Hardin: Los Angeles Rams

Lorenzo Munoz: Los Angeles Rams


(1-1) San Francisco 49ers vs. (1-1) Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are coming off a game in which they didn’t find the end zone at all against a team that gave up four touchdowns to the team they are facing the San Francisco 49ers. The niners are looking to take the division lead at 2-1 with a win over a vulnerable Seattle team. Star QB Russell Wilson isn’t 100% healthy yet which mean trouble.

Winner: (Seattle Seahawks unanimously)

Jake Ellenbogen: Seattle Seahawks

Blaine Grisak: Seattle Seahawks

Josh Hardin: Seattle Seahawks

Lorenzo Munoz: Seattle Seahawks


(1-1) New York Jets vs. (1-1) Kansas City Chiefs

In what is a very even match up the Jets head to Arrowhead off extra time off after playing on Thursday Night Football. Kansas City however, heads into this game beaten by the team they embarrassed last season in the playoffs. Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing some good football at the moment and the Kansas City defense could be in for a day trying to defend Matt Forte.

Winner: (Jets 2 Chiefs 2)

Jake Ellenbogen: New York Jets

Blaine Grisak: Kansas City Chiefs

Josh Hardin: New York Jets

Lorenzo Munoz: Kansas City Chiefs


(1-1) San Diego Chargers vs. (0-2) Indianapolis Colts 

Are the Chargers good after blowing out Jacksonville or is Jacksonville not good? Are the Colts going to fall to 0-3? Philip Rivers is playing some good football, Travis Benjamin looks primed to fill the void left by injured WR Keenan Allen and Melvin Gordon is finally running well. The Colts have Andrew Luck and that seems like that’s it…

Winner: (Chargers 2 Colts 2)

Jake Ellenbogen: Indianapolis Colts

Blaine Grisak: San Diego Chargers

Josh Hardin: Indianapolis Colts

Lorenzo Munoz: San Diego Chargers


(2-0) Pittsburgh Steelers vs. (2-0) Philadelphia Eagles

The Steelers before the season probably thought this would be an easy win. Now the Eagles have a young QB named Carson Wentz and a young defense that is trying to show they are for real against a legit team. The Steelers still have one of the best offenses in football and a vicious front seven. Their secondary could be the tipping point whether they lose or not. 

Winner: (Eagles 2 Steelers 2)

Jake Ellenbogen: Philadelphia Eagles

Blaine Grisak: Philadelphia Eagles

Josh Hardin: Pittsburgh Steelers

Lorenzo Munoz: Pittsburgh Steelers


(0-2) Chicago Bears vs. (1-1) Dallas Cowboys

Dallas is looking to get their young RB Ezekiel Elliott to break out, this could be a game for it. The Bears are a wreck and just lost QB Jay Cutler for some games. That means it will be the Brian Hoyer show. Not a good look…

Winner: (Dallas Cowboys unanimously)

Jake Ellenbogen: Dallas Cowboys

Blaine Grisak: Dallas Cowboys

Josh Hardin: Dallas Cowboys

Lorenzo Munoz: Dallas Cowboys


(1-1) Atlanta Falcons vs. (0-2) New Orleans Saints

The Saints are facing an 0-3 start which they haven’t looked horrible to this point. They will unfortunately be without LT Terron Armstead who is out for this contest. The Falcons beat the Raiders last week and are looking to keep the ball rolling on Monday Night Football.

Winner: (Saints 3 Falcons 1)

Jake Ellenbogen: New Orleans Saints

Blaine Grisak: New Orleans Saints

Josh Hardin: New Orleans Saints

Lorenzo Munoz: Atlanta Falcons


What picks do you have this week? Let us know down below! This could seriously be one of the hardest pickem weeks of the season…

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