L.A. Rams to wear last year's home blue uniform vs. Bucs

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For the fashion aficionados out there we have been informed that those blue jerseys the Rams wore as their primary home colors in St.Louis have not been abolished yet.


That’s right, break out those old things, wipe off the dust and be ready to break them out this Sunday versus the Buccaneers. According to the tweet from Rich Hammond of the Orange County Register it appears as though the Rams are forced to go back to their dark blue’s as the Bucs have chosen to wear white this Sunday. 

 On another note the ironic thing about going to their St.Louis blue’s is that they are doing it in a game that the St.Louis fans won’t be seeing televised this weekend. St.Louis will instead be shown the Lions/Packers game.


It remains to be seen how often the Rams will break these out but it looks as though the White’s are the jersey of choice. 



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