Did the Rams deny a uniform change waiver in 2016?

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The new stadium in Inglewood is being built and should be ready for the move when the Rams officially move into their new stadium in 2019. The NFL is known for having some pretty crazy rules and one of them is based on the idea that you can’t wear certain throwbacks, you can’t change your uniform and you can’t wear different helmets. 


The Rams brought back their old fan favorite L.A. threads for their return to Los Angeles. They won in them and looked great in doing so. The fans can’t seem to get enough of them and the players love them. There is just something about that blue and yellow combination that makes the uniforms pop. Well it looks as though they could end up staying “throwback” for good as we have learned from Arash Markazi of ESPN in his tweets about the uniform topic:

What do we take away from that? Well first off it’s a bummer because if the Rams could have changed their colors and uniform and decided not to that probably means that aren’t going to when they change them in 2019. This could mean they either are looking at changing back to the Fearsome Foursome color scheme or even going completely mordern in their new uniforms. We won’t know for quite awhile but as of right now this is news because no one ever knew the Rams could have changed their uniforms. Now it’s kind of sad to imagine the blue and yellow uniforms only being worn one more time this season.


What are your thoughts? Are the Rams making a mistake in not going back immediately to the L.A. colors or are you a fan of them possibly going back to the Fearsome Foursome scheme or even creating a new modern day uniform? Let us know!


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