Next bad game from Case Keenum could be his last with the Rams

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Los Angeles is about to finally watch their first L.A. Rams home game since 1994 but, it’s not going to star anyone spectacular under center.


Rams starting signal-caller Case Keenum is on the hot seat to say the least after his horrible performance on Monday Night Football versus the San Francisco 49ers. Keenum was the only Rams QB in the last 10 years with a winning record as a starter for the Rams. Now he is sitting at 3-3 and could be replaced if his play doesn’t improve.


Head coach Jeff Fisher named Jared Goff the backup for this Sunday and that could mean that young QB Goff is almost ready to start. So it might not even mean Keenum is losing his job, it could mean Goff is earning his chance. Or maybe no one has earned the job and Fisher truly doesn’t know where to go since Keenum who is supposed to limit turnovers and be the veteran Goff can look up to, looks like a rookie right now. 


Second-year QB Sean Mannion could have been ready all along but the Rams have decided to demote him to third-string seemingly overnight. Or maybe not! Maybe Keenum is being given a chance to prove he can bounce back and if he can’t Fisher may have seen enough and feel it’s time to give Goff a chance. After that maybe Mannion becomes the full-time backup to Goff if he succeeds. If he doesn’t then maybe Mannion takes over in relief.


Bottom line is this Keenum may be the nicest guy in the QB room, he may be the hardest working, the most likable and most experienced but when it comes to the on field production Keenum is lacking in that department and he sure isn’t doing enough to get the nod over guys who could very well be neck-and-neck with Keenum as far as development wise if not better.


You want to feel bad but at the end of the day this is a league and a business solely based off of production and its simple the Rams cut Austin Davis and he was actually throwing it down the field and making plays. His issue as many put it was the fact Davis kept turning over the ball. Well Davis also was throwing touchdowns. He threw 12 touchdowns and had 9 interceptions with the Rams to Keenum’s 4 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Eventually it’s just called being too conservative when you have Keenum who has now started two more games than Davis and has thrown only 160 passes to Davis’ 284. The question remains why was Davis let go so quickly but Keenum seems to have a pretty long leash for playing mediocre football.


I think one thing is for sure if Keenum is benched it will be over for him as a starter and quite possibly even a backup for the Rams. With Keenum’s contract expiring at the end of the year the Rams would be able to not re-sign him and let him walk. We know Fisher loves Keenum but we also saw Fisher talk about how he isn’t going 7-9, 8-8, 9-7 or 10-6 and if he is certain by that then he will make the switch because all starting Keenum does is keep you as a 7-9 team at best.


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