Rams Down 14-0: Three Halftime Adjustments

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Well, that wasn’t the first half many if at all were expecting. After lackluster play, the Rams trail the 49ers at the half and have yet to get any sort of offense going. Here are three halftime adjustments that they will need to make if they want to get back in the game. 


1. Stretch the Field


We now know why the Rams traded up to the number one overall pick to acquire Jared Goff and it was because Case Keenum is not the answer at quarterback. Everything thus far has been dink and dunk and within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage.


The 49ers are putting eight or nine games in the box the majority of the time, the Rams need to stretch the field and get them to back off a little bit. 


2. Tackle and Contain Gabbert


It sounds simple, but the Rams are making simple mistakes. Carlos Hyde has ran all over the Rams defense as the front four have been unable to wrap up and tackle and the second level hasn’t done much better. Like I said in my keys to victory that the Rams would need to stop Hyde, they have yet to do that and it still bodes true. 


Blaine Gabbert has also had success running the football. The Rams’ front four needs to stay in their gaps and contain Gabbert to avoid getting consistently beat with his legs like they did in the first half. As much as Steve Young would beg to differ, Gabbert is not Colin Kaepernick. 


3. Come out with fire


The Rams are down 14-0, but so far they have yet to show any sort of fire or any urgency. If they want to get off on the right foot to start the 2016 campaign, they need to come out with a purpose.


The Rams are more talented than the 49ers and are just getting beat on all fronts. It’s only 14-0, but it could be easily worse. This game is far from over. 



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