L.A. Rams teasing a return to old Fearsome Foursome colors in 2019?

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Perhaps the most talked about subject since the Rams moved back to Los Angeles for their 50th season has been what uniforms will the Rams sport. L.A. fans hate the millennium gold and blue look because it makes them think of the city that originally took their team away from them. Any Rams fan you ask probably wants to change up the uniforms a bit especially because the Rams only Super Bowl win was with the blue and yellow throwbacks.


The Rams announced via their return to L.A. press conference that they were unveiling a new logo and many felt like the Rams might switch colors or logos but they stuck it out with the previous St. Louis logo with just “Los Angeles” above it. Same colors and everything right? Well, that’s what we thought until week one of the preseason when the Rams had decked out the coliseum in their new colors which are identical to that of the fearsome foursome era.


So are the Rams actually teasing a 2019 uniform change to non other than the old fearsome foursome threads? It sure looks like it with all of these things we have seen this new logo on. Here are some hints:


Old colors featured in the Game Day post on Facebook…

A nod to the past in making the all white’s the primary home uniform…

Old colors featured in the new studio…

Old colors show up once again in the Rams banners…

Not one spec of gold on the home field…


What do you make of this? Are we going to be see the L.A. Rams in blue and yellow or blue and white? Tell will tell… Let us know what you want the Rams uniforms to look like down below!


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