2016 NFL Full Season Predictions

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Last Sunday was officially the last Sunday without football. The 2016 NFL season starts on Thursday with


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the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers setting up for a rematch of last February’s Super Bowl. 


2016 brings a lot of hope for many teams around the NFL. As of right now, every team is 0-0 and will compete for the Lombardi Trophy. Here are our 2016 full season prediction. 


AFC East


1. Patriots

2. Bills

3. Jets

4. Dolphins


Tom Brady might be down but this is still the Patriots’ division. It will be a close battle in the first half of the season, but that’s when Brady will take off and separate his team from the pack. The Bills are a 7-9 win team. The Jets won’t be as good as they were a year ago when they almost made the playoffs. Lastly, the Dolphins have a lot of questions that need to be answered before I can put them any higher in the division. 


AFC North


1. Steelers

2. Bengals

3. Ravens

4. Browns


The Steelers and Bengals own the AFC North. It’s going to be a fight between those two teams, it’s that simple. The Ravens aren’t the same team that won the Super Bowl four years ago. They are in an awkward stage where they probably need to rebuild. Speaking of rebuilding…what’s up Cleveland? 


AFC South


1. Colts

2. Texans

3. Jaguars

4. Titans


The AFC South was probably the worst division in football last year, but it’s on an upward trend. They have a lot of young pieces that are going to make that division very competitive. The Texans could be very good, but at the end of the day, I see the Colts getting back on top. It starts and ends with Andrew Luck. If he plays good football, it’s Indianapolis’ division to lose. 


AFC West


1. Raiders

2. Chiefs

3. Chargers

4. Broncos


Yes, the Raiders will win the AFC West. They have some really good pieces on defense to go with an already very good offense. Derek Carr and Amari Cooper are a solid tandem. Denver will take a step back after winning the Super Bowl last year. This division is going to be close. 


NFC East


1. Giants

2. Cowboys

3. Redskins

4. Eagles


This is a three team race between the Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins and it very well could come down to the last week of the season. No team has won this division back to back since the Eagles back in 2003-2004. The Giants are going to have a good year and Manning gets his team back to the playoffs. 


NFC North


1. Packers

2. Vikings

3. Bears

4. Lions


The Green Bay Packers have Jordy Nelson back which is going to be huge for them along with Eddie Lacy bouncing back. The Vikings did well getting Bradford, but that move won’t benefit them at least early in the season. They may still end up with a wildcard, but just not sure they can edge the Packers for the division. 


NFC South


1. Panthers

2. Saints

3. Buccaneers

4. Falcons


The Panthers will win this division and they could have it clinched by week 10. There’s them and then there’s everybody else. The Saints just aren’t what they used to be. Tampa Bay is under a new head coach and the Falcons have a lot of holes. Caroline dominates the NFC South. 


NFC West


1. Cardinals

2. Seahawks

3. Rams

4. 49ers


The Cardinals are going to win this division again if Carson Palmer plays well. Next in line is obviously Seattle. While I could see the Rams winning 10-11 games and giving Arizona a run for their money with the division, Jeff Fisher is still the football coach and Case Keenum is still the quarterback. At the end of the day 7-9 wins is what can be expected. 


NFL Awards


MVP: Aaron Rogers

Coach of the Year: Mike Zimmer

Rookie of the Year: Ezekiel Elliot


NFL Wildcard Playoffs


Texans @ Colts

Bengals @ Raiders


Seahawks @ Panthers

Vikings @ Giants


NFL Division Playoffs


Colts @ Patriots

Bengals @ Steelers


Panthers @ Cardinals

Vikings @ Packers


NFL Conference Championships 


Patriots @ Steelers

Vikings @ Panthers


Super Bowl

Panthers vs Steelers


Winner: Steelers






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