Complete guide to the 2016 Rams Practice Squad with projections

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The Rams announced their cuts to get down to the 53-man roster but there is still something that needs to be done. That is putting together a 10-player practice squad. Here are the rules of the practice squad.

  • Starting September 4th at 1:00pm EST All NFL teams can put together a 10-man practice squad which consists of players that can practice during the week with teams but can’t play in-game unless they are promoted to the active 53-man roster.

  • Teams can only keep 10 players on their practice squad.

  • Teams can sign anyone off any practice squad but they must be placed on their active roster.

  • Teams can sign four players to the practice squad that have had two years of NFL experience (year = 6 games).

  • Teams can’t have a player on the practice squad for more than three seasons.

  • Teams must pay practice squad players a minimum of 6,900 per week but teams can also pay more to make it tougher for other teams to come in and sign away their player.

  • Salary paid to practice squad player don’t count towards the salary cap.

  • If a player is signed to the active roster via the practice squad they are required to be paid for three games regardless if they are cut after the first game or not.

  • If a player is released from a practice squad they can be signed to another. A team won’t need to put them on the active roster unless they are signing them off another’s practice squad.

The practice squad can be an excellent tool to help develop a player who isn’t quite worthy of being on an NFL roster or even a player who can’t quite fit on the roster due to the amount of depth a team has. The majority of the time if you finish the year on the practice squad that team most likely will sign you to the 90-man offseason roster.



Here is a list of rams cuts that are eligible for the Rams practice squad:


QB: Dylan Thompson


RB: Aaron Green, Terrence Magee


WR: Paul McRoberts, Duke Williams, Austin Hill, Marquez North, David Richards


TE: Benson Browne


OL: Isaiah Battle, Jordan Swindle


DL: Morgan Fox, Ian Seau, Zach Colvin


LB: Cameron Lynch, Brandon Chubb, Darreon Herring


DB: Mike Jordan, Jabriel Washington, Rohan Gaines, Jordan Lomax


K: Taylor Bertolet


Here is a list of some other cuts that are eligible for the Rams practice squad:


QB: Jake Rudock (DET), Joel Stave (MIN), Jeff Driskel (SF), Jameill Showers (DAL), Kevin Hogan (KC)


RB: Marshaun Coprich (NYG), Brandon Wegher (CAR), David Cobb (TEN), Kelvin Taylor (SF), John Crockett (GB), Jhurell Pressley (MIN), Tyler Gaffney (NE), Peyton Barber (TB), Zac Brooks (SEA), Mack Brown (WAS)


WR: Kenny Lawler (SEA), Keyarris Garrett (CAR), Daniel Braverman (CHI), Anthony Dable (NYG), Moritz Boehringer (MIN), Kenny Bell (TB), DeMarcus Ayers (PIT), Keenan Reynolds (BAL), Devon Cajuste (SF)


TE: Rico Gathers (DAL), Henry Krieger-Coble (DEN), Danny Vitale (TB), Thomas Duarte (MIA), Beau Sandland (CAR)


OL: Willie Beavers (MIN), Tyler Marz (TEN)


DL: Matt Ioannidis (WAS), Ra’Zahn Howard (HOU)


LB: Kache Palacio (SEA), Taiwan Jones (NYJ), Shaq Riddick (ARI), Victor Ochi (BAL), Travis Feeney (PIT)


DB: Harlan Miller (ARI), Zack Sanchez (CAR), JaCorey Shepherd (PHI), Kalan Reed (TEN), Cre’Von Leblanc (NE), Nick Marshall (JAX), Blake Countess (PHI), Winston Rose (IND)


So how would you put together a 10-man practice squad out of so many intriguing players? That is the main question every coach will have to ask themselves tomorrow. For now here’s two 10-man practice squad lists that I put together. One of them is all Rams I feel they should keep and the other is a mixture of Rams and other players that were cut.


Rams only 10-Man Practice Squad Projection:

Aaron Green, RB TCU

Paul McRoberts, WR SE Missouri State

Duke Williams, WR Auburn

Jordan Swindle, OL Kentucky

Ian Seau, DE Nevada

Morgan Fox, DT Colorado State Pueblo

Brandon Chubb, LB  Wake Forest

Cameron Lynch, LB Syracuse

Mike Jordan, CB Missouri Western

Jabriel Washington, S Alabama


10-Man Practice Squad Projection:

Aaron Green, RB TCU

Paul McRoberts, WR SE Missouri State

Mortiz Boehringer, WR Germany

Henry Kreiger-Coble, TE Iowa

Jordan Swindle, OL Kentucky

Morgan Fox, DT Colorado State Pueblo

Kache Palacio, LB Washington State

Mike Jordan, CB Missouri Western

Winston Rose, CB New Mexico State

Jabriel Washington, S Alabama


I think the Rams might be hard pressed to add Seau and Fox to their practice squad so I have Fox making it while someone picks up Seau. Another thing to monitor is the fact the Rams took pre-draft visits with Blake Countess (and the obvious Auburn connection) and Henry Kreiger-Coble took a pre-draft visit with the Rams too as well as Kache Palacio who was formerly on the offseason roster.


Winston Rose I expect to be a possible shocker pick for the practice squad. The Rams gave him a local workout since he lives in Inglewood. He shined and the Rams ended up signing him after the draft. For whatever reason he was released in favor of signed Jabriel Washington and Duke Williams. Watch for Rose to make the practice squad.


What are your thoughts? Sound off below!


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