L.A. Rams 2016 season predictions: QB Jared Goff

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The actual football season is almost here and here at Downtown Rams we feel it’s time to start predicting how the season will go for these players. Let’s continue on in this series with the Rams signal caller Jared Goff.


The Rams mortgaged their future on the 21-year-old from California and they are in for a process as Head coach Jeff Fisher puts it. Jared Goff is going into his first year in the NFL and it’s the first time in his life he won’t open a regular season as the team’s starter. Goff bypassed his senior year of college to end up going number one overall after a monumental trade up to the spot from the Los Angeles Rams. This is the Rams first season back in L.A. since 1994 which after they moved the team to St. Louis. Goff is considered “not ready” for the NFL game as of today but, down the road that could change and I personally expect it will.


For many, Goff is considered behind where he should be but, he really isn’t. Keep in mind it took Pro Football Focus’ number one overall player in the NFL Aaron Donald until week six for him to start. The Rams offensive face Todd Gurley it took until week four of his rookie year to start, The Rams all-time receiving leader Isaac Bruce didn’t start at any point his rookie season, Rams all-time leading rusher Steven Jackson only started three games his rookie season. You get my point, Goff has plenty of time. You know who did start his rookie season? Sam Bradford. I am not going to even go there…


Here is how I see the rookie’s season playing out:


Season Recap:


As I previously wrote in the last article about the Rams starter Case Keenum, I expect Goff to take over a 5-2 team after the bye week which is week eight this year for the Rams. So week nine Goff comes in and continues on the Rams path of winning. I am not saying he is going to be unstoppable by any means but I think by week nine he will be ready. Every day he continues to get better so by week nine he will be able to put it together in games. There is no doubting the talent Goff possesses it’s the fact he has to get used to the speed of the NFL game to get comfortable and adopt his own way of playing the quarterback position. He is clearly thinking too much on the field so the qualities he had at California where he showed great pocket presence, arm accuracy and his aggressiveness in taking shots down the field are not going to shine through right away.

Goff’s predicted 2016 statistics (in 9 games):

  • Completion Percentage: 59%

  • Passing Yards Per Game: 240 yards

  • Passing Yards: 2,160

  • Passing Touchdowns: 17 touchdowns

  • Passing Interceptions: 12 interceptions


Goff will be helped out by veteran pass catchers Tavon Austin, Kenny Britt and Lance Kendricks. It also will help knowing first off, the Rams have Todd Gurley at their disposal and a deep running back group that should open up the passing game for the young QB and secondly keep in mind the addition of Mike Groh and a full year with Rob Boras at the helm, the Rams can start adding new concepts to their playbook and even combining some of the things Goff used at California to help get more comfortable with the NFL game similar to what Ken Whisenhunt and Mike Mularkey did with Marcus Mariota his rookie year in Tennessee.


It won’t be smooth sailing for Goff, the Rams should expect turnovers and many rookie mistakes but the Rams defensive intensity is palpable and could be a serious threat to be game-breaking. Goff will be bailed out from a defense that has been consistently aggressive in the passing rushing department and a capable bend-don’t-break defense. At the end of the regular season I believe the Rams end up going 6-3 with Goff under center. Finishing with an 11-5 record and placing second in the tough NFC West division right behind the Arizona Cardinals. Goff will go into the playoffs battle tested and ready for the competition and will make the Rams a scary out in the first round of the playoffs.


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