L.A. Rams 2016 season predictions: QB Case Keenum

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The actual football season is almost here and here at Downtown Rams we feel it’s time to start predicting how the season will go for these players. Let’s start off first with the Rams signal caller Case Keenum.


This 2016 season is a monumental one for Keenum. He hasn’t opened a football season as a starter since his last year of college at Houston back in 2011. Now he is walking into the spotlight and in a big way. Keenum will not only start the season for an NFL team as their quarterback but, for an NFL team that has relocated to a new city that hasn’t had football in two decades. Keenum will be the first starting QB Los Angeles has had since Chris Miller and Chris Chandler split time at the position. Ironically Keenum could follow in their footsteps as the Rams do have a quarterback they invested their future in with Jared Goff and of course a third-round pick of last year in Sean Mannion.


Regardless what happens we know that Keenum is the starter for week one of the regular season until told otherwise. Here is what we are expecting out of Keenum this season:


Season Recap:


Keenum is going to play until the bye week eight and I say that with confidence. Goff will take over in week nine no matter how well Keenum plays and I personally think that might have been the plan all along. The Rams have the best bye week you can receive on the schedule because it’s right in the middle of the year. Keenum will lead the Rams into the bye week at 5-2. The Rams will feel as though it will be a perfect record for the young quarterback Goff to come into. Losing at least a game or two won’t make him have the pressure that Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers felt when they were undefeated late into the season last year.



Keenum’s predicted 2016 statistics (in 7 games):

  • Completion Percentage: 63%

  • Passing Yards Per Game: 222 yards

  • Passing Yards: 1,554 yards

  • Passing Touchdowns: 14 touchdowns

  • Passing Interceptions: 5 interceptions


Keenum ends up picking up where he left off last year. I fully expect this year to bode well for Keenum as he has had the whole offseason to work and prepare as the starting QB for the Rams. You can tell he has picked up Rob Boras’ system well. Keenum has looked sharp in preseason and has shown the ability to move the ball and get into a rhythm. His receiver Kenny Britt and tight end Lance Kendricks seem to be his go-to guys early on. Keenum last year came in relief for ex-Ram Nick Foles and the mission? Avoid any and all turnovers at all cost. Keenum showed he could limit the turnovers and keep the ball moving last season.


This season he will be used more as a passer but not too much more. He does after all have a completely recovered and completely 100 percent healthy Todd Gurley that will be a nightmare for defenses and will open up the rest of the playbook for Keenum. As of now we do need to temper with expectations on Keenum. He is solid but anyone who thinks he is going to average 300 yards and 3 touchdowns a game is just flat out wrong. The Rams make no mistake about it are and will continue to be a run-first team. If you have a talent like Gurley, you don’t need a dominant passing game. Keenum could have an even better year but for now it makes sense to keep expectations in check.


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