Rams WR Pharoh Cooper's injury could open up some unforeseen opportunities

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It was announced by the team that fourth-round stud wideout Pharoh Cooper is expected to miss the season opener versus the 49ers on Monday Night Football.


He suffered an apparent shoulder injury in the preseason loss to the Broncos on the play that is pictured above. Cooper caught a tipped Jared Goff pass by making an acrobatic effort and came down on his shoulder. The unfortunate part is the fact the Rams will miss their starting slot receiver for their opener. The interesting part is that when one player goes down, the next one steps in. 


With that being said the Rams have had a roster battle that hasn’t really been inspiring to say the least but this could really light up the competition. Now with Cooper out he will most likely start the season on the inactive list and the Rams will be awarded a player spot as Cooper won’t count against the 53-man roster until he is comes back.


Players such as fifth-year man Brian Quick, undrafted rookies Duke Williams, Paul McRoberts, Nelson Spruce and even the Hard Knocks darling Austin Hill should really benefit from this. Obviously it is rough when a player goes down but someone like Quick needed something like this to possibly propel himself on the 53-man roster yet again. The guys just listed most likely won’t be part of the cuts tomorrow and that means they will all be able to have one last showing in week 4 of the preseason on Thursday.


This also means the Rams could be among teams interested in picking through free agency looking for a roster filling WR or two. Interestingly enough two Philadelphia Eagles receivers were cut today. Those two are former Ram Chris Givens and the former Giant receiver Rueben Randle who actually took a free agency visit with the Rams this offseason. So interestingly enough in what looks like a breakthrough opportunity for some of the rookies, could end up being the end of their time with the Rams if they do in fact delve into free agency.


What should the Rams do? Seems like an appropriate question. Cooper shouldn’t be out too long so whoever does step in will need to impress the coaches. I think the Rams could bring back Givens since he is familiar with the team. Givens didnt’t receive a fair shake after making it on the 2015 roster he was traded almost immediately to the Baltimore Ravens for a conditional draft pick. The Rams have some drop problems and this is not the time to be picky. If the Rams feel like Givens can come back and play at an appropriate level he should be signed for the last game. Personally it would make plenty of sense to work out both receivers and if they pass you could cut one of the unlikely candidates to make the team.


If the Rams did sign both Randle and Givens that might be a message well sent that Quick is not making the team. For now definitely expect the Rams to do their homework but you just can’t guarantee the Rams sign either of these guys. The crazy thing about the preseason who would have thought about the Rams being able to pick up free agent wide receiver Randle again after the Eagles signed him back in the free agency period? That is the NFL for you and maybe the Eagles had a very good reason but regardless it was a shocker of a move.


The last 24 hours have definitely been unforeseen to say the least…



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