Make or Break: 10 Players who need to stand out tonight to survive first round cuts

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The first cut day is in three days. Here are ten out of fifteen guys that need big performances tonight to survive the first roster cuts.


Terrence Magee, Running back

It’s not even that Magee has played bad, it’s just that the realy roster battle for the position is between Aaron Green and Chase Reynolds. Now a big game tonight could get Magee to last into the last cuts. While he would virtually have zero chance of making the team regardless, it’s still a good look if he makes the next round of cuts. Perhaps if the Rams go with Green over Reynolds Magee becomes the practice squad back.


Marquez North, Wide receiver

North was getting raved about as well as the other three UDFA WR’s during OTAs. It looks as though North has cooled off. He has yet to play in preseason. If he doesn’t play tonight his time with the Rams is likely over but if he does he needs to stand out in some way. He should make the next round of cuts if he shows off enough tonight but it looks as though the Arizona UDFA Austin Hill has jumped ahead of North in the pecking order.


David Richards, Wide receiver

Speaking of Arizona receiver, David Richards is Hill’s former teammate at Arizona and now Rams teammate. It doesn’t appear he is in as great a position as Hill though. Richards is in better position than North though. He logged just a lone two snaps which should go up this game. Richards needs to shine and if he does he could continue his stay in sunny California.


Jordan Swindle, Offensive tackle

I don’t know what exactly happened with Swindle as he went from 27 snaps week one to a lone snap in week two. Clearly Head coach Jeff Fisher sent a message to Swindle or Swindle suffered an undisclosed injury. Regardless he has a lot of work to do to make the team and he needs a good outing tonight to stay on the roster.


Brian Folkerts, Center

Just as previously mentioned Swindle went through, Folkerts had a huge loss in snaps. He went from 65% of the offensive snaps against Dallas to just one snap versus Kansas City in week two. Folkerts needs a good performance tonight to stay competing and if he does he could be a threat to Eric Kush’s roster spot.


Benson Browne, Tight end

This is a player I feel is just like teammate Justice Cunningham, even though Cunningham wasn’t drafted by the Rams he has been a regular in training camp and a practice squad go-to-guy. I believe Browne could be his replacement but he needs to prove it.


Zach Colvin, Defensive Tackle

Not really Colvin’s fault he is on this list. He had no shot at playing week one and week two he wasn’t used as much. As a late addition to the team you can’t really place Colvin as a lock to make the first cuts but a good performance tonight could change that.


Darreon Herring, Linebacker

He’s received plenty of snaps but he lacks the true linebacker speed required to play the position in the NFL. His best chance is special teams, he really needs to show off tonight because players like Chubb and Littleton have flourished on special teams giving Herring not much of a real chance at making the team.


Nicholas Grigsby, Linebacker

Grigsby has been a disappointment to this point. Chubb, Forrest, Hager, Lynch and Littleton are all outplaying him and he came in with some expectations from fans that saw him in college. Grisby needs to show off what he can every snap he gets.


Michael Caputo, Safety

Another guy who again falls on this list even though it’s not entirely his fault is Michael Caputo. After a brutal torn ACL that Brian Randolph suffered in preseason week one opened the door for Caputo, he came in at the end of week two’s game and recorded two tackles on 18 total snaps. It’s a good sign early on that Caputo got 18 snaps in his first game after being on the team for a week so we will have to see if he can outperform his last week. Caputo is a sleeper on this team that really isn’t too set at safety. If he plays well tonight he could not only stick on the roster through the first cuts but give the Rams something to talk about come the final cuts.

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