Madden 17 Review: Los Angeles Rams

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If you’re a Rams fan as well as a fan of the Madden franchise, if you’ve played the game over the last 10 years, the two haven’t really gone hand in hand. It’s hard to be good with a team that well…isnt good. It’s also no fun to get beat because the team you’re playing with is borderline terrible. 


Yesterday, Madden 17 was finally released and Rams fans may like what they get. That is, at least for now until EA Sports updates the player ratings and such to ruin the mojo. 


Like nearly everyone that has a next generation console and likes football, I also got the new Madden game and of course, I had to test my luck with the Rams.


It’s been all uphill since the opening credits winning the NFC Wildcard game against the Washington Redskins with the Rams. Although there was that “getting used to the game exhibition game when I threw five interceptions, but we won’t discuss that. 


 Through six games online I am 5-1 and ranked in the top 5% online, all of those games with the Rams. Now, to the breakdown.




The Good: Todd Gurley is obviously the “go to” on offense. He’s the Rams’ biggest playmaker, however, there are other options in the passing game as well. 


At wide receiver, Kenny Britt gives you a good deep threat and big body on the outside. Across from him, I like to put Pharoh Cooper as my number two and then put Tavon Austin in the slot. I might switch that in certain packages, but for the most part, that is my lineup. 


Moving on to tight end, you have to move Tyler Higbee into the starting role. The Rams drafted him because he had potential of being a threat in the passing game as well as being a good blocker, and that’s exactly the case. Running the play action and hitting Higbee on the back side is MONEY!!!


At QB, I run with Jared Goff. He’s two overall points higher than Case Keenum and I’m not NOT going to play with Goff. 


The Bad: It’s still the Rams offense. This isn’t a team that is going to be able to score on three-five play drives consistently. Drives are going to take work and might be between 7-12 plays. You might get lucky and break a big play, but for the most part, you’re going to have to find ways to keep the defense on edge and guessing. 


Like I said, the go to is Todd Gurley, therefore turning the ball over and getting behind, does not benefit this team. Play a shootout or play catch-up and you are asking for trouble. Unfortunately, the Fisher game plan of ball control and taking care of the ball are what works best. 


The offensive line is also…well the Rams offensive line. 




The Good: What the Rams lack in offense, they make up for it in defense. The front four is good enough to generate its own pass rush which is nice because then you can drop seven guys in coverage consistently. It doesn’t hurt to throw in a blitz every now and then though. 


I play mostly Tampa Two but to throw off my opponent I’ll throw in a little cover three and man depending on what the offense is doing. Like the NFL, it’s all about adjusting to your opponent. In six games with the Rams, I’ve allowed more than 20 points just once and that was the one game that I lost. 


Alec Olgetree is an absolute monster at middle linebacker. He’s a threat in the passing game and taking the ball away. 


The Bad: The Rams defense isn’t bad and unless you’re playing someone with an elite offense, they won’t lose the game for you. Like I said earlier, if you can control the ball and take care of the football, you will stay in and win the majority of games. 


However, there are some holes. Like the actual Rams, if you dont generate pass rush, the secondary remains vulnerable. The team doesn’t have an elite safety and the inexperience at cornerback outside Trumaine Johnson doesn’t help. 




Im only two days and six games in, but so far, I have enjoyed playing with the Rams and hopefully you will too. Feel free to add me on Xbox, my gamertag is GrisLightning93. It won’t be too long before actual football begins! 


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