L.A. Rams to wear all-white uniforms at home and throwback's twice this year

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The Los Angeles Rams have announced what they will be wearing at home this season for all you fashion nuts. If you weren’t a fan of the all-white jersey and pants combination well I have no good news to tell you and just bad news.


The Rams will be wearing the all-white uniforms at every home game this season besides two that are reserved to wear the old throwback uniforms. This was a decision to pay homage to the “Fearsome Foursome” era when the Rams wore all whites in the past. They have yet to announce what will be worn on the road but if anyone thought the gold pants were coming back well, that’s just not happening unfortunately. The team’s official twitter posted this graphic on the official 2016 home uniforms.


Now obviously I know you all will take a winning season over wearing what kind of uniforms you want but tell us what you think. Nay or yay to the uniform decision? Sound off below!



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