Luke Walton Taking Coaching Tips From Jeff Fisher

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Being in Los Angeles, the Rams are going to have a plethora of celebrities that stop by practices from time to time. This week it was newly announced Lakers head coach Luke Walton. 


Walton sat down with Dani Klupinger who works with the Rams doing a lot of their digital media to see what brought Walton to Rams camp. Walton said,


“I wanted to come learn. Obviously our season is starting pretty soon and coach Fisher has been at this a long time. So, I reached out to him and he gave me a call, said Friday would be perfect. I drove down here around 6:30 this morning and I’ve been with him and his staff ever since.”


Walton continued by saying,


“I came down here with an open mind. I know it’s obviously different sports, but coaching to me is coaching. It’s how you relate to the players and different strategies. Like I said he’s been phenomenal. Him and coach Mack. I spent a lot of time with coach Mack”


Aside from getting coaching tips from the Rams, Walton also said that he knew Jared Goff from his time in the Bay Area and believe that he has what it takes to make it at the next level. Walton said of Goff, 


“I’ve seen (leadership) in him in college obviously. I think he will be very successful at this level. It’s tough to tell from one practice, but I got my faith in him that he’s going to make it.”


Walton went 39-4 with the Golden State Warriors last season while Steve Kerr was on a leave of absence for personal reasons. There is no question that Jeff Fisher is seen as a players coach, so Walton can certainly take something away there. However, when it comes to winning, he may want to stick to what he knows.


It’s also promising to hear what he had to say about Goff. One thing that the Rams have been missing at the quarterback position is leadership. If Goff can bring that he’ll be on the right track. 

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