Breaking down the Rams Madden 17 Ratings

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Finally the notorious madden season is upon us, I figured it was time to not only take a look at what the Los Angeles Rams were dealing with but also break down each position.


Jared Goff: 77 overall

Case Keenum: 75 overall
Sean Mannion: 63 overall
Dylan Thompson: 61 overall


Overall I thought this was pretty spot on. The Rams don’t have an established quarterback by any means. Jared Goff is a rookie with no regular season or even preseason experience so you can only rate him so high. Case Keenum is a good backup on any team and that is why a 75 overall is good for him. Sean Mannion might be rated a little low seeing as he was a 69 overall last season but we will live. Lastly Dylan Thompson at a 61 overall is probably being generous so all in all Madden did a nice job.


Running backs:
Todd Gurley: 85 overall
Benny Cunningham: 74 overall
Terrence Magee: 69 overall

Chase Reynolds: 67 overall
Malcolm Brown: 66 overall


Todd Gurley leads the pack with an 85 overall which quite honestly is the best way to rate a star coming off just one really good season. The issue I have with an 85 overall however, is that Giovanni Bernard is rated higher than Gurley. There is something wrong with that picture in my opinion.


The rest of the Rams backups might have been rated appropriately except for fan favorite Benny Cunningham. Cunningham is a good pass catcher and is just a reliable running back that can really do everything. My issue is this, I believe Cunningham should be around an 80 overall. He has been very good for the Rams and with ratings like this its just flat out obvious these guys don’t watch much Rams football.


Cory Harkey: 80 overall


You like to see Cory Harkey get some love in Madden. The 80 overall might be higher than I would expect but we as Rams fans will definitely take it.


Wide receivers:
Tavon Austin: 80 overall
Kenny Britt: 80 overall
Brian Quick: 74 overall
Pharoh Cooper: 63 overall
Mike Thomas: 63 overall
Bradley Marquez: 63 overall
Marquez North: 63 overall
Paul McRoberts: 62 overall


The top wide receivers Tavon Austin and Kenny Britt being placed at an 80 overall makes a ton of sense. This tells us right off the bat the Rams don’t have a no. 1 receiver which is obvious right now even though that could change.


Brian Quick has a 74 overall which is fine but the fact Madden started the two rookies Pharoh Cooper and Mike Thomas so low makes zero sense to me. Especially Cooper who is looking at being the slot receiver come opening day.


Special teams standout Bradley Marquez looked good at the end of last season so to stay at a 63 overall is kind of disrespectful. Lastly Madden completely left out UDFA’s Duke Williams and Nelson Spruce even though they are more likely to make the roster over the other two UDFA’s they included.


Tight ends:
Lance Kendricks: 75 overall
Tyler Higbee: 70 overall
Justice Cunningham: 68 overall
Temarrick Hemingway: 63 overall


Lance Kendricks deserves to be a little higher but I don’t exactly hate these ratings at tight end. Higbee is underrated and probably should start out at 74 and Hemingway at 63 seems way too low but other than that this isn’t horrible.


Offensive tackles:
Greg Robinson: 77 overall
Rob Havenstein: 72 overall
Isaiah Battle: 68 overall
Darrell Williams: 65 overall


I really have no clue what Madden is thinking with these ratings for offensive tackle. First off Greg Robinson finished last madden with a 68 overall I don’t know what he did to move up nine spots. Rob Havenstein is rated way too low after a season he gave zero sacks in and received plenty of praise.


Offensive guards:
Garrett Reynolds: 78 overall
Rodger Saffold: 73 overall
Jamon Brown: 68 overall
Cody Wichmann: 64 overall
Andrew Donnal: 64 overall
David Arkin: 63 overall


Couple of issues here, first off Rodger Saffold is not below the level of starter that is just plain wrong and second Cody Wichmann is the same as he was coming into his rookie year but he actually played well when he got reps. Where is the logic there? Apparently you don’t go up in overall when you play well…


– Tim Barnes: 69 overall
– Brian Folkerts: 67 overall
– Eric Kush: 66 overall
– Demetrius Rhaney: 62 overall


This is probably the most spot on of any position. Tim Barnes, while the coaching staff loves him just isn’t very good.


Defensive ends:
Robert Quinn: 89 overall
William Hayes: 85 overall
Quinton Coples: 76 overall
Eugene Sims: 69 overall
Cam Thomas: 66 overall
Matt Longacre: 63 overall


Madden doesn’t really follow up on its end of season ratings does it? No, Robert Quinn finished as a 95 overall last year and somehow fell to an 89 overall this year. William Hayes fell seven overall points from a 92 to an 85 overall. Eugene Sims falls four points. I will never understand how one falls that far in the rankings after the season has finished.


Defensive tackles:
Aaron Donald: 98 overall
Michael Brockers: 79 overall
Dominique Easley: 74 overall
Ethan Westbrooks: 66 overall
Louis Trinca-Pasat: 58 overall


Aaron Donald should be a 99 overall but it will come after week one so I am not worried. Michael Brockers I wholeheartedly believe is vastly underrated in this league and it goes beyond just Madden. Brockers should be an 85 overall and probably in a Pro Bowl soon.


Dominique Easley didn’t leave the Patriots on good terms but there’s no need to give him a poor rating for it. Pro Football Focus actually rated him their best defensive lineman so how he gets a 74 overall is beyond me. Lastly Ethan Westbrooks is underrated and again another Ram falls from the season ending overall of 2015.


Outside linebackers:
Akeem Ayers: 77 overall
Mark Barron: 75 overall
Josh Forrest: 63 overall
Cameron Lynch: 60 overall
Ian Seau: 59 overall


I don’t understand the blatant disregard for Mark Barron’s play. He has been an absolute difference maker for the defense especially since he switched to linebacker and his overall has never gone up. Cameron Lynch also is another underrated Ram that might never go up because Madden doesn’t value special teams players at all.


Middle linebackers:
Alec Ogletree: 79 overall
Bryce Hager: 60 overall
Brandon Chubb: 60 overall


The only player I have an issue with is Ogletree but, I do understand why he is rated 79 overall. He is switching from outside linebacker to middle linebacker so the transition Madden is showing some doubt there. Ogletree should prove the Madden team wrong once again.


Trumaine Johnson: 80 overall
E.J. Gaines: 79 overall
Lamarcus Joyner: 75 overall
Coty Sensabaugh: 71 overall
Marcus Roberson: 70 overall
Troy Hill: 60 overall
Mike Jordan: 59 overall


Solid ratings outside of Trumaine Johnson. I don’t understand how Johnson continues to be overlooked. He is arguably the second best corner in the NFC west. Johnson’s overall should go up big time this season but we will see.


T.J. McDonald: 83 overall
Maurice Alexander: 69 overall
Cody Davis: 68 overall
Christian Bryant: 64 overall
Jordan Lomax: 60 overall


The ratings here aren’t bad but they are missing Brian Randolph who has a better chance of making the roster than Lomax.


Johnny Hekker: 82 overall


This is my least favorite rating in the game. Johnny Hekker is the best punter in the league and it’s not hidden knowledge. The fact that he receives an 82 overall is ludicrous especially since Hekker finished last season at an 89 overall and already has broken records. Now just factor in the fact he can throw 50 yards down the field and throw on the run with accuracy and you are looking at the punter that anyone would want on their team.


Greg Zuerlein: 78 overall
Taylor Bertolet: 65 overall


I have no disagreement with these ratings. This could be it for GZ if Taylor Bertolet pushes him enough in camp.


Long Snapper:
Jake McQuaide: 52 overall


With a 52 overall he must be a horrible long snapper. Obviously he’s not its just that Madden doesn’t have a clue how to rate long snappers.

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